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  1. I thought it was guaranteed 500 Superb Xp. I got 50xp for ribery and that is it.
  2. So it has been 15 hours. I am upset I have no replies. I've talked to my league members and they seem to be experiencing the same issue. I think everyone's cards are locked right now but I am feeling it the most since I barely have any players. I am now in arena 4 and have opened plenty of packs but no new cards. Please reply because this is crazy that this bug hasn't been addressed. I have restarted my iPad and deleted and reinstalled the game too. The game isn't very fun if he rewards are so stale
  3. Issue Summary: I am only packing 12 players Issue Details: Even though I am progressing up the arenas I am not pulling any new players out of any arena packs Device details; Ios Ipad Mini Location: USA Any Additional Information(What can we do to reproduce the issue?): I don't want to keep getting the same 12 players over and over since I know there are 50 ish players I don't have that I can get. I don't want to open my league pack and get nothing new and just xp for upgrades I cant afford to upgrade
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