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  1. Gorse H


    Wow you're first to say they've lost to my bot lol normally i just have the cards i last used in as i forget a lot to make my bot super I've lost to normal bots on occasions 🤦‍♂️ Pace cards always make my game lag more than normal aswell
  2. Gorse H

    What do we want from the game.

    They could do all green all blue all elite tours.. All defenders all mid or all striker... Possibilities are endless with tours to keep them fresh but maybe getting them changed regularly could be the best start
  3. Gorse H

    What do we want from the game.

    They have tours where you go in with your real team, all players maxed or all players at their lowest level so that part does have variety Tournaments need to have either trophies or prizes of legend, legacy and new cards before they're released on the game then they will be attractive to play
  4. Gorse H

    What do we want from the game.

    I think regular upgrade and downgrade of cards depending on real life form and new cards being added.. At least 2 or 3 times a year A closer look at some players stats like firminio is the by far weakest on the game with 26 strength when maxed out while morata has a strength of 77 which does not make sense What boost would you replace the rocket boost with for the ones that have that? Maybe if they get rid of manager cards they could instead go back to the days where superb and elite had 2 boosts.. That would also make Messi playable again for a lot as he'd surely have shoot boost if they had 2 Tournament is the only thing I've ever seen the forum ask for and get but we've had same one for ages now and while lahm could be good one as not everyone might have him but iniesta is pointless.. These defo need regular changes abs maybe even 4 player and 16 player tournaments if possible New arenas.. That could freshen things up aswell plus give chance to add a whole bunch of new players that could be worthy of the game
  5. Gorse H

    Double Standards.

    This thread is toxic... I suggest instead of arguing in public threads , make official complaints as anything extreme i am sure will be dealt with appropriately
  6. Gorse H

    Double Standards.

    The new Sean
  7. Gorse H


    Mocking someone's beliefs is also wrong
  8. Gorse H


    Prove this... Message me privately with you evidence You are attacking a child because of what? What is this 90% you talk about ?? Let's see some examples of both and we can both go to Sean when he makes an appearance If someone names me in a post then they are as good as calling me out? I know you would respond if someone named you a post??
  9. Gorse H


    And you don't think posters of all these worsts posts you mention have been spoken too privately and have you seen how many threads have been closed lately because of all the petty arguments. If you think i am biased then message me privately with your evidence because the response to malco's post would of been the same whether it about me or another player of the game because it's a silly unconstructive thing to say.
  10. Gorse H


    you only commented on the thread to fuel another argument as it has nothing to do with the topic of original thread.. Time to close another thread lol let's all remember we playing a mobile app ✌️
  11. Gorse H


    God 😂 bless you my child 🙏🙄 Come on Tom Do you think that post from Malco was appropriate for a family friendly forum? I've never seen Arnav say things like that to people but yet gets endless abuse aimed at him For me.. People always hate on the number 1 player bazza Luca karpis and now Arnav all receive hate even i had hate at my peek 😔
  12. Gorse H


    John crying it home for solid league? Are there any real solid players offended with me? Animosity between league's.. Like you ain't one of the biggest stirrers ever to play the game 🤦‍♂️ be real John don't just look for an opportunity to bring up on here words that exchange in private convo. Poor form and again that convo you recite was a result of you stirring between me and anther player 😔
  13. Gorse H


    My keepers save a lot of Messi shots so i don't rate him and wouldn't have him anywhere near my 3 teams as much better cards out there but possibly one of best strikers without a shoot boost
  14. Gorse H


    Please enlighten to me as to what I've done to solid? Is there any solid offended by something that I've done? Please come forward
  15. Gorse H


    Yes i agree its sad messi is so rubbish