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  1. Gorse H

    Roman Empire

    So gullible.. You shouldn't believe everything you hear
  2. Gorse H

    Roman Empire

    Thanks guys for your wishes and others for their predictions πŸ˜€
  3. Gorse H

    Lost account

    Hopefully you will hear back from them soon. Maybe send them your user id aswel
  4. Gorse H

    Arena prizes

    Oh so the prizes from 1 through to 8 amount to that much
  5. Gorse H

    Arena prizes

    You got this much in arena 1? Seems very generous
  6. Gorse H


    Don't get anything for collecting all your stars so they seem pointless
  7. Gorse H


    There's people telling me they won 61 trophies with 2 wins... Look at the leaderboard and see some and not going up in multiples of 10 @Sean (SM Support)
  8. Gorse H


    Also people are showing me they are getting more than 10 trophies a win? @Sean (SM Support)
  9. Gorse H

    Paris Trophies

    Your opponent might not even be in the same arena as you
  10. Gorse H

    Bug in the WC tournament

    It's happening to everyone.. You're more likely to glitch out a tournament than play all 3 games 😞
  11. Gorse H

    New cards added

    Every time change device do you have to go through that..
  12. Gorse H

    New cards added

    This your next new account πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  13. Gorse H

    World Cup Glitch

    Exciting tournament lol I'm getting same and at least one person glitches out every tournament if not all the players
  14. Gorse H

    Can’t buy players

    Boateng is much better card
  15. Gorse H

    New world cup tournament

    Every time you enter a tournament you need to keep your fingers crossed