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  1. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    it's dealt with... He said he an account so I found him. He denied it then got exposed! Not that I'm aware of I doubt it
  2. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    Nailed it 😏
  3. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    They must have the patience of saints in lost legion.
  4. This game....

    Not for long.. I found you
  5. Open season tournament

    Still not working? I was told there was temporary fix put in place to sort it out but should be an update Monday to fix it properly
  6. Predictions WC/CL

    I think Brazil are only non European team to win WC inside Europe and Germany became the only European to win one outside Europe in the last one..
  7. Local Leaderboards

    There is an old thread somewhere saying there was local Leaderboards but they've never been on since I been playing but would be good if they implemented it if possible
  8. Predictions WC/CL

    Germany and Munich.. They are my choices 😉
  9. Predictions WC/CL

    WC- Panama if not Germany 😜 CL- Roma if not Munich
  10. Open season tournament

    Working again.. I just played one
  11. Open season tournament

    Yh it happened the other day too but hopefully they'll have sorted soon
  12. Open season tournament

    Retry login... Its happening again. Anyone else having this problem?
  13. Open season tournament

    Free tournaments I feel either should have really low prize as no entry fee if they decided to go that way... I don't feel every tournament should be 50 trophy for winner
  14. Open season tournament

    Yeah then no one on the game will be excluded from playing tournaments The possibilities are endless with tournaments
  15. Open season tournament

    Yes this is Good idea... I hope they will have free tournaments will small prize so players with low coins can play them and higher entry fees of coins/trophies on other tournaments which would have bigger prizes depending on entry fee