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  1. Gorse H

    Bazza and fifty

    No way.. All soccer manager games i played have always had 1 name change per person and they should of stuck to that
  2. Gorse H

    An unnoticed disadvantage

    Great idea lemmy
  3. Gorse H

    An unnoticed disadvantage

    Yes move the boost button back
  4. Gorse H


    Seems like a bad move from themπŸ˜”
  5. Gorse H


    They should somehow compensate the players who worked hard to max these players before the update as not it benefits the players that didn't max them
  6. Gorse H

    NEED ANOTHER UPDATE ! (SpeedyMonkey)

    Yeah it can take 4 games or more sometimes for a player to regain full fitness, even worse when you forget to change your team Energy packs could be something they could add
  7. Gorse H

    NEED ANOTHER UPDATE ! (SpeedyMonkey)

    Defo need the boost back on other side as like you say it felt more like controller Some games the energy decrease is too much
  8. Gorse H

    Arena Stars.

    The stars seems totally pointless
  9. Gorse H

    New Update

    This level change is new... When Kane and dybala changed they did it normal
  10. Gorse H

    Fantasy Football

    I'm in... NCFC πŸ‘Œ
  11. Gorse H

    New Update

    I like that idea but own goal might be extreme but that would defo cut it out lol maybe keeper could just randomly kick after you've used them all up
  12. Gorse H

    New Update

    Using keeper as an option is useful but no one needs to do it endlessly 😴 i reckon everyone has played in these games where someone is constantly passing it back
  13. Gorse H

    New Update

    Yh stopping the players moving before ball is in play would stop Ramsey and any other player for that matter being near opposing goal before ball is in play as its not just sprinters, even normal cards can be at barring down on your players when it's not even released in to play
  14. Gorse H

    New Update

    True but did anyone ever play a five a side match in real life where one team passes it a billion times to keeper
  15. Gorse H

    King Lemmy!

    A mammoth trophy haul.. Congrats @Lemmy