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  1. Gorse H

    Cheating in tournaments?

    Oh so that's what you do 🙄😂
  2. Gorse H

    Cheating in tournaments?

    The devs have said there nothing wrong with multiple accounts. Somewhere on here in previous threads about it Goodluck to anyone who's got enough time to play more than one 👏👏
  3. Gorse H

    Cheating in tournaments?

    I don't think we'll ever find out the truth as who's gonna admit they're sad enough to fill tournaments so they can win 200 trophies for a leaderboard that gives you nothing Multiple accounts isn't cheating thou
  4. Gorse H

    Cheating in tournaments?

    That's what i thought 😅 Yes i would think it real person as sure that's starting game 100 trophy so could be someone doing who already platys like you say but that seems really sad if people have to do that 🤷‍♂️🙈 or could just be new player with rubbish team who has 0 chance of winning against a player from arena 9 because of card levels Either way it should be an easy win?
  5. Gorse H

    Cheating in tournaments?

    Yh i think you start with 100 trophies so they might not know what they doing.. Some people don't use emoji.. Id say 75% of my opponents use no gg gl or wp and you get select few players that spam them like idiot
  6. Gorse H

    Cheating in tournaments?

    I don't think bots can enter tournaments
  7. Gorse H

    Cheating in tournaments?

    Well if people are using multiple accounts to fill tournament then it prob the saddest thing ever 🙄 is it actually possible to crash someone else's game 🤔
  8. Gorse H

    What division is everyone in?

    Not in the legends divisions
  9. Gorse H

    What division is everyone in?

    I preferred starting in a lower division as gaining promotion gives me something to aim for. I'm a bit disappointed that i didn't get put in a lower one than im already in
  10. Gorse H

    The Future Of Football Clash

    Some kind of plan to get new players joining and old players rejoining is defo what should be top priority after this update
  11. Gorse H

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    99. 9% of the time you will only match players in arena from outside the league you're in.. Its very very rare to match a player in same league as you're in.. There's no promotion and relegation at present but we will have that when /if the update arrives Can understand the frustration with tournaments as seen what you talk about happen loads previously but also the tournaments they put on are rubbish... They got hazard in one at the moment and aguero before that... Both pointless tournaments as i can't see many players playing for them.. They should do more attractive tournaments.. Like the 10 new players waiting to enter the game should be the prize for them instead
  12. Gorse H

    Gorse at 100K!

    Thanks @Zaman 😁 we will find out next reset if there's a sixth digit as i left at 99999 through choice 😎🙄
  13. Loooooong essay that with loads of inaccuracies but goodluck What's the record for most consecutive top 50..
  14. Gorse H

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Again you make some great points, 4000 trophies to rise through the first 8 arena's and then the same amount for the last arena must seem crazy for any new players getting there and the game could possible lose new players for the reasons you mention Only arena 9 has been added since i been playing. How hard is it make new arena's? The tournaments should be changed every Friday but that has stopped happening recently @Sean (SM Support)
  15. Gorse H

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Great points The game should have a big update soon which will make it change again and hopefully bring a bit more fun into it with the divisions