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  1. Gorse H

    RE? What happened?

    Every thread leads to choas 🤦‍♂️ War has been around ever since mankind... All bad and nothing we can change on here, your debates are probably best put on a history forum 😉
  2. Gorse H


    1. @Sean (SM Support) 2. Was you in a league as you need to be in a league by Sunday for your goals to count towards lp on Monday
  3. Gorse H

    RE? What happened?

    Anyone can do what? 🤔
  4. Gorse H


    But you'll get extra manager points for upgrading them again... Silver linings
  5. Gorse H

    Title Graphic Not Removing

    @Sean (SM Support)
  6. Gorse H

    Leaving Football Clash

    It was the birth league of un2, International, eu and unity.
  7. Gorse H

    Congratulations “The Outlaws”

    No need and wrong words.. Pepsi is great guy. You can't deny you joined outlaws because you have hatred towards RE over reasons that i still don't understand🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Next time we get a challenge let's go at the whole week so we have a better competition.. Last week was one of fun weeks since joining RE Let's not turn this thread into a version of the thread i locked yesterday ✌️
  8. Gorse H

    Book of the Week

    Some really deservedly winners this season gone but its obvious from some people's comments and actions that there's a lot of RE haters and sour winners on the game Congrats outlaws caught us cold so maybe next time we can fight it out for the whole week Time to close this thread as its getting silly now
  9. Gorse H

    Book of the Week

    Haters will always hate 😒
  10. Gorse H

    Book of the Week

    United fans these days 😜
  11. Gorse H

    Book of the Week

    you're going back into the past there 😲 😂
  12. Gorse H

    Book of the Week

    Zaman talking with inaccuracy... Nothing new there 🙄🤣
  13. Gorse H

    Book of the Week

    Re kill game 🤣🤣 heard it all now... You remember wanting to join us.? 3 league made RE but i think there more making up outlaws 🤷‍♂️🤣 i can count 4 maybe 5 in there now 🙄
  14. Gorse H

    Book of the Week

    Yes they do i will not deny that Tom but this one hasn't got to that stage and hopefully won't
  15. Gorse H

    Book of the Week

    Not really... What's point of arguing over a game 🤷‍♂️ this week been fun and look forward to next week now