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  1. Gonna have insomnia now thinking of this revelation from the guy no one respects 😱
  2. Not a wind up really when it's only his recycled game chat.. Heard it once heard it a million times 😴.. Lion? Should be called the snake hiss hiss 🐍
  3. Well he's not the player calling out other players for being inconsistent when the players you're calling out are more consistent than you 🤦‍♂️
  4. 😂 Only one of the above with 2 more you not mentioned 😜
  5. Typical John.. Not even close to being closed thou.. We've seen a lot worse threads than this one
  6. Is that zaman running on the pitch 😂😂
  7. It was never his anyway... People always lie on their cv's 🙄
  8. So you been playing apparently got 2 years and only 12k season trophies and you think you're consistent 🤦‍♂️😂
  9. Because he likes to show consistency with his annoyance
  10. Last i heard west ham were giving zamam a trial because he got top 50 so often
  11. Best place for it 😜😂
  12. Good to see you as delusional as ever 🤦‍♂️✌️
  13. Top 3 in 2 days of making them 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣 best joke of the week 🙄
  14. Sean isn't here no more.. @C_Brennan is our guy now
  15. He might not but i can't promise i won't 🤔😜
  16. I really think any talk of monkeys should just be left off forum... Most of us know the recent drama from that so urge everyone to just leave it be 🤞✌️
  17. Exactly haters will always hate
  18. I think you're one of most toxic on the game 😒
  19. I'm not arguing but if you answering with some silly comment... I disagree but whatever.. Sounds juvenile and abrupt, so there was obviously something you wanted to say mate so I'm glad you have now ✌️
  20. I'm talking about doing it with only arena seems like a hell of a lot of effort to get 8k but with trophies in tours of course not because they're fun and you guaranteed real players.. Your reply was very juvenile but at least you expanded. Thanks ✌️
  21. What they could do is link the map to divisions which shows people's activity so that would go up on 10 per game and the leaderboard with old system... If that's even possible
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