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  1. I’ve deleted the game, you’ve spoiled the original game and noe it’s a completely new game and I hate it. Goodbye
  2. Competing agai st the best, meet a few friends along the way.
  3. Probably best off doing Legends, elites superb and good.
  4. Wes, Bare. I haven’t played Willy yet been told he’s fantastic and Gorse.
  5. Not this time, I usually use dribble boost First and then the game jumps like a glitch. But sometimes yes and with the same outcome.
  6. BRAND: Apple MODEL: IPad Air 2 OS: IOS VERSION: 11.2.5 Hey I’d like to report a glitch that has yet to be patched. When in a match and for an example let’s just say my Ronaldo gets caught by a Vidal, or a Busquets or anyone disregarding quality of card, and they use the “tackle” BOOST even if my Ronaldo uses his “dribble” BOOST the tackler always wins. Just before I used my full stamina Ronaldo to use his “dribble” BOOST (90+) and a Vidal that had two or three stamina used his “tackle” Boost (89) Now I’ll tag a few other player that I know have had the same problem. thank you for your time and I hope I’ve been clear, if not please reply and maybe one of the other players could be more of service.
  7. I like the idea of special tournaments. You’d probably get an increase on people putting money in the game too.
  8. It was either Bare or Wes that showed me a match when they did a slide tackle own goal. I’ve never done it before, the only own goals I score are what I mentioned up top.
  9. Hi everyone I've seen it a few times whilst in leagues but I’ve been doing this more and more frequently. when an attacker is baring down on your goal and you catch him with a normal tackle INSIDE you box, then if you win and without him shooting or you passing it goes in your goal. The reason for this topic was I’ve done it a few times in the past week or so and I was just wondering if anyone else noticed an increase in this own goal bug. Thank you for your time.
  10. Just ignore him. And promote not going off topic.
  11. Guys, remember you are just adding to the problem, you can’t beat a fool doing foolish things, we just become them.
  12. I still can’t get matched up in league friendly with android players.
  13. Hi Alex, this has been done and will continue to happen if action isn’t taken. We play this football game to be competitive and to compete against the best. However we can not compete when a group on people are online late at night and plan to do this and gain a hell of a lot of trophies between them. This happens and on a regular basis. It would fix this if members from the same league can not face each other on a challenge. Because high trophy holders give out bucket loads of trophies to a low trophy holder once the high trophy holder loses. We are at conflict with another league and in actual fact a few left but I have no doubt they will be back to do this “cheat” I get that a overhaul needs to be done but this needs looked at. It is a loophole on getting higher trophies. Thanks for your time.
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