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    League time going up

    Our league pack timer is going up. The league pack should be running but instead now it is increasing in time till it begins. Our league is called 'port vale'
  2. Jako

    Cant't watch videos

    Is there a solution to this?
  3. Jako

    Cant't watch videos

    Thanks for replying so fast. I haven't been able to watch a an ad at all. I am from England
  4. Jako

    Cant't watch videos

    Just says "please try again later"
  5. Stats: Have it so that any goal scored by a player is recorded so that you can view how many goals you have scored with a player. This could be repeated with other stats, such as saves. League additions: More challenges to do as a league. I can't really give an example but it would make the leagues have more purpose if you could all work together on an objective, rather than just a league pack given by goals. Another idea could be to expand on the friendlies feature. I would like to see something where you could play against someone where you could choose any player in the game as appose to your team. It would be nice to try out the likes of Ronaldo in a casual match against a friend. Personally I think the reward for a donation is too low. I see so many people request for players and tend to not get much XP. This is because there isn't a real incentive to donate players. There could be weekly donating objectives where you could receive an exclusive pack for reaching a certain amount of donations. In game addition: I think there should be a button to bring your keeper out to the edge of the D. In 5-a side matches keepers typically lurk around the edge of the D when the opposition is near to narrow the angles. I know that the keeper can come out, however this is AI controlled and I feel the player should be able to have control over their goalkeeper. I know there are quite a lot of ideas so I don't expect them all to be added. But I firmly believe these additions would take the game in the correct direction and freshen it up.
  6. Location: England Stoke the Theme: Red and white Checkered grass pattern Heavy Rain Location: Netherlands Amsterdam Theme: Orange, white, and blue Cobblestone Rijksmuseum Sunny
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