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  1. 10. Allow emojis to be entered in the league chat Currently you cannot use emojis
  2. 9. Let others see who has donated them cards Currently i am sure you cannot see who has donated cards in your league, it should be shown who has given you the cards
  3. 8. Color codes for the leaderboard and chat messages The usernames in the league should be color coded if its your account along with your chat messages.
  4. hehexd

    Cannot request cards

    Hello me and my friends are sometimes unable to request cards in our league, can this be fixed?
  5. 7. Make playing the game with one hand possible. Currently to play the game efficiently you must hold your phone with two hands as the boost and the shooting button are on opposite sides of the screen. I think both buttons should be on one side so you are able to play the game one handed.
  6. HeheXD's Suggestion List - UPDATED: 06/08/2017 Hello, my name is hehexd and this is my list of suggestions for the soccer manager arena. I have created this list whilst at the same time taking into account other considerations or issues which could arise from implementing these suggestions. I have prioritized the suggestions using color codes. I will be constantly updating these suggestions and adding others whilst playing the game, I am currently a level 4 800 trophy player but I have had experience with games of a similar genre. Key - Red - IMPORTANT Yellow - RECOMMENDED 1. Make controls feel more responsive This should be a priority, playing the game when using boosts or attempting tackles sometimes it feels like the actions you are trying to do do not occur as intended. For example when clicking the boost buttons its not always obvious if you've actually pressed it. 2. Allow us to view friends live games We should be able to view our friends games from the league when they are playing. 3. Allow us to click on opponents profiles after games to view their squad and possible invite them to your league. 4. Add a "Captain" rank to leagues. This would allow Presidents to add more incentive for members to do well in the league to earn a promotion. 5. Emotes should be more easily seen and also some additional animation to them to make it more satisfying Right now they look a bit weird and i and my opponents rarely use them, 6. When using the league chat it should label the person talking with their rank I will update this list as ideas come to mind. -hehexd
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