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  1. ScreenRecord_2018-12-06-23-18-53.mp4 I'm up for the challenge 😘
  2. Thanks for saving me a post Arnav, can't believe how annoyed that comment made me feel over a game 🤦‍♂️
  3. Thanks Pepsi, sorted for me by doing this, already unlinked it again. Happy days
  4. Typically, after I've said that it's worked for 2 games running, including management cards. So I'll just be persistent next time it happens.....still missing my division details though. Any tips for that?
  5. You mean delete it and re-install? as I've closed and re-started numerous times each day and it's only worked once.
  6. I have managed to play just 3 games since the update on Monday. Every time I try to match it usually errors to the picture below. I know many are still, or have experienced the same. I also cannot see anything about my division and the manager cards are not saving to my folder. This is getting extremely frustrating that there are so many issues every time there is an update, and the timing is really bad with many leaving the game to go and play the new Fifa 19 instead. Can you let me know if there is a way to fix my issue?
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