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  1. Jamie1872

    Lost my account!

    Yeah its been restored, thank-you!
  2. Jamie1872

    106 cards!

    Just recently packed Messi so he is up front! Was using Benzema before so he comes on as super sub now
  3. Jamie1872


    i think it does, you could go days without getting anything good and all of a sudden you get back to back good packs! I packed Messi twice in 2 days!!
  4. Jamie1872

    106 cards!

    Ahh ok! Not fussed then if they arnt good anyway! Im using Godin and Vidal at the back just now with Pogba infront so quite happy the now! Just need access back onto my account!
  5. Jamie1872

    106 cards!

    Nice one! Im no where near collecting them all. Can you still get Lahm from packs?
  6. Jamie1872

    100 consecutive wins.

    All them wins and only nine 5-0 victories?! Well played though thats some achievement
  7. Jamie1872

    Lost my account!

    Ive just lost my account! Is there anyway i can recover it? I tried to link my account to my ipad and messed up now ive got a totally new account on both devices. I was arena 8 and just packed Messi! I can give all account info as proof. Help!!!