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  1. Morrison

    10% load

    Same 4 me stoller
  2. Morrison

    Few bugs

    Still be waiting on tournaments in 2032
  3. Morrison

    Few bugs

    Accepting friend requests doesnt work then closes the app. Playing almost every game my match will stop for 5-10 secs and is very laggy. When keeper has ball and you make a sub, when game restarts it doesnt matter which way you try and pass it goes straight down the middle.
  4. Morrison


    I took down your league no1 elses. Im hated by who? You and gorse lol kane your hated in every league ive been in
  5. Morrison


    Careful i dont take your league down fella!
  6. Morrison


    Careful who you make vp bare
  7. Zzzzzzzz i was 1 nil up game went off i lost 1-5. I hammered you next game. Ive never lost against you on old game zzzzzzzz
  8. Hes worked out how to use the sprints of miki and benzema! Its very unrealistic as theyve never broke sweat in their life
  9. Sounds like your not very good at the new game kane
  10. Because i read the update and understood it
  11. They will be deleted from game soon
  12. Up to pres of league to handle this if some1 not pulling their weight warn then then kick them simples
  13. Kane wanting willy back in hjm bazza doesnt want him knows hes dodgy
  14. Morrison


    And what about a fix for it being so laggy and glitchy? Bring back the old game no ones happy with this
  15. Morrison


    Zzzzzz your the biggest bug in the game
  16. Morrison


    Im playing in no league so i can atleast play real people but its so laggy and glitchy its like its been put together by a 5 year old its terrible! Sort it or bring back the old game man!
  17. Gorse yeh i have 50 accounts loads in all your leagues just ready to wipe you out at any moment haha EYES EVERYWHERE AS WES SAYS HMMMM
  18. Look into my eyes KING gorse hill i will brainwash you hahahaha! Youve been smoking something you son, i dont force anyone to believe me but 1 thing i know is when it comes to this game im nearly always right
  19. Haha just poke him and he spills. As for my accounts morrison blyth spartans(because of gorse and hkane) and pogba to keep gkings open when we merged
  20. 1 phone 1 tablet yet you have HkaneLEGEND hkanelegend cccccooooyyyyssss toby hkane1 hkane2 hkane3 tommy guest6f7639
  21. Gorse i say bring back papalarazou i miss him
  22. Hehe someones got a lip on! Ive had a 600+ win streak it means nowt if your playing no1! Only players playing proper players with over 100 streak is me nd willy again it means nowt you win nowt!!! Gorse taken in by toby haha thats what i find funny
  23. Bollocks i was 1 nil up and game went off i lost 5-1 then i hammered you. If you beat me so easy how did i hammer you and i checked you were like 150 in a row nd after game i checked you were on ZERO HAHA. And as for the bottom bit you posted who give a funk!!!
  24. Hkane be honest i was 1 nil up when you beat me 5-1 then my game went off! Didnt i take your big non streak 5-2 or something? Your crap you never beat me once on old game either!
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