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  1. HkaneLEGEND

    Bazza and fifty

    I don’t hate bazza THAT COMMENT IS MISLEADING
  2. HkaneLEGEND

    Bazza and fifty

    Always the one person disagreeing 😂
  3. HkaneLEGEND

    Bazza and fifty

    Lemmy sent this video 0AB74FE3-7336-4340-A613-9ABBCD714904.MP4
  4. HkaneLEGEND

    Bazza and fifty

    What a petty comment to put on here! And you put fifty in headline what have I done to you? What has Wes done to you? Awagstaff??
  5. HkaneLEGEND

    I'm back

    Naa I can’t see the top half of my phone , nightmare
  6. HkaneLEGEND

    I'm back

    Bazza claims that too
  7. HkaneLEGEND

    Liam Robinson restore account?

    4000 trophies name is liam Robinson with ? Thing which is ❌ in game no league and manager level 10
  8. HkaneLEGEND

    I'm back

    No you won’t 😉 not for a few weeks at least like you my phone is a load of crap
  9. HkaneLEGEND

    Liam Robinson restore account?

    Go to faq tell them your in game name trophies manager level and league
  10. HkaneLEGEND

    I'm back

    Decent you?
  11. HkaneLEGEND

    I'm back

    And your back!!!!
  12. HkaneLEGEND

    IM COMING BACK !! (SpeedyMonkey)

    Took long enough
  13. HkaneLEGEND

    Crossbar trick

    STOP! Not your place tell me whatever privately NOT on here
  14. HkaneLEGEND

    Crossbar trick

    Thanks Keato not like that’s something to say in the middle of an arguement to the enemy PUBLICLY !! And for the record Was where I stopped
  15. HkaneLEGEND

    Crossbar trick

    Im asking Stoller to ban me from this place so stupid