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  1. HkaneLEGEND

    1 2 miss a few 10

    Yh things never change , I don’t stop swearing and you’ll never satisfy women
  2. HkaneLEGEND

    1 2 miss a few 10

    Huh, you still have a grudge on me after months and months of not playing an adult holds a grudge on a 14yr sad
  3. HkaneLEGEND

    1 2 miss a few 10

    Can someone tell me, does stoller still play? Man I feel bad for the I put on him
  4. HkaneLEGEND

    Proverb of the day

    Looking back at this chat never realized how pathetic this was...
  5. HkaneLEGEND


    It wasn’t directed at him I’m just saying most top players do it
  6. HkaneLEGEND


    Most people just delete the game but not this game you make a speech announcing your ‘retired’ it’s a game not a career
  7. HkaneLEGEND

    Gorse at 100K!

    With all the changes I’m surprised your still playing man. In a year this game will be like FIFA with 11 players...
  8. HkaneLEGEND

    The state of this game....

  9. HkaneLEGEND

    The state of this game....

    Yh I like it but fitness should go down as much
  10. HkaneLEGEND

    Bazza and fifty

    I don’t hate bazza THAT COMMENT IS MISLEADING
  11. HkaneLEGEND

    Bazza and fifty

    Always the one person disagreeing ?
  12. HkaneLEGEND

    Bazza and fifty

    Lemmy sent this video 0AB74FE3-7336-4340-A613-9ABBCD714904.MP4
  13. HkaneLEGEND

    Bazza and fifty

    What a petty comment to put on here! And you put fifty in headline what have I done to you? What has Wes done to you? Awagstaff??
  14. HkaneLEGEND

    I'm back

    Naa I can’t see the top half of my phone , nightmare
  15. HkaneLEGEND

    I'm back

    Bazza claims that too