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  1. Yep, I’ve completely missed that if true. I was very active though so I’m surprised if I missed that. Hkane - Please confirm if anyone was deliberately cheating?
  2. Taking a break from the league competition, not the game. I didn’t start anything! People from your league making have been making accusations. I have no interest in troublemaking. I was merely seeking to clarify that I (and to the best of my knowlegde Hakuna Juan Mata) are not cheats. Surely there is nothing controversial in that?
  3. Cant disagree with most of that but Stoller and Tazmanian devil have repeatedly accused Hakuna Juan Mata of cheating and are saying any victory is tainted. Apologies if they are not in Goal Nation. I dont mean to put down your league. Tazmanian Devil claims he has “proof” of cheating in Hakuna Juan Mata. I want to see it otherwise he needs to retract his comments
  4. Took a break from the league Hkane. To keep to the level of trophies required by our league requires a significant level of commitment/time. I’m not commiting my time only to be branded a cheat. Whats the point. We also kick people for having low trophies so I didn’t want to keep the league back. So I figured a wee break away from the competitive element. I’m still playing a few challenges, collecting xp, coins etc. Just enjoying the game really. I’ll be back soon I’m sure. Ideally Taz will admit he’s a sore loser and has no proof or Alex will confirm as per my post above. That would encourage me back, everyone knowing we really do play fair.
  5. So Stoller has admitted that his league was doing this...... Brilliant, we’ve found the cheaters! I can promise you that this was not going on in Hakuna Juan Mata. Your story is pure fantasy.... Taz says he has proof but we’ve still not seen it. I challenge him to provide it because there is none! if any of the accusers could provide dates of the evenings when the alleged cheating was to have taken place in Hakuna Juan Mata, then Alex could check any logs (game logs or chat logs) and confirm its fantasy. There is no deliberate collusion going on. There are a few people in Hakuna Juan Mata from around the world so potentially living in different time zones from the UK and racking up goals when we’re all asleep. There is also one player who plays while he is on nightshift (supposedly working!) . There is nothing wrong with people playing at a convenient time of day to suit them. I should really let this go but being falsly accused of cheating really winds me up. The people claiming the game has been ruined have ironically ruined it for me because they are such sore losers and cannot accept that they lost fair and square. Losing trophies for losing challenges would be a nice quick fix to close off Goal Nations (cheating/experiment/conspiracy theory) - Guessing just a few lines of code would need to be applied. i agree with others that the game needs freshening up. League pack is pretty irrelevant with daily rewards being so generous now. Tournaments sound good but when are they coming?
  6. Still waiting Taz. Lets see it
  7. Please enlighten us Taz. All I see is a sore loser.
  8. Doesn’t stop people accusing (wrongly) of cheating though.
  9. Until Alex (or someone from support does) does, I’m joining willy and leaving the game. Dont like being called a cheat when its a complete lie. If its going on then its not being discussed in our league chat so i’m not sure how anyone is substantiating the claims. I enjoyed the battle for first place last week but people being sore losers claiming they were cheated is bad form. Also, people disrespecting fellow competitors is poor form (thats not aimed at you gorse, I know you are a gent in the game). So I think I’ll take a wee break and maybe pop my head back in later some time.
  10. Hkane. Please stop this. Dont troll them and dont react.
  11. The replays dont show the emojis mate. Dont tell lies to dig yourself out a hole. All I’m saying is show a bit of courtesy. I just played Nike Pro from your league. He was very respectful. Ask anyone from your league who has played me and they will say the same about me. p.s I can assure you that nobody is cheating in our league. People have been putting a shift in getting their trophies up. I’ve played more this week than the past month put together
  12. Hkane. Please dont resort to abuse. That being said, the thread topic is outrageous. I hope the SM Arena people do look into and then report back onto this topic. Its absolute nonsense! Doesn’t happen.
  13. Not sure what you are accusing of here Sam but I can assure you that nobody is cheating. Please explain your theory so we can put it to bed. The only way to build up trophies is to win matches..... matches which are paired by the game. You cant win trophies from challenges or friendlies so it makes no sense. i actually think its great we have two good leagues battling at the top and it has actually made me play a lot more this week. Finally, I always start a match with “Good Luck”, acknowledge a good goal with “Well Played” and end a game with “Good game” regardless of the outcome. I played a game with a CFC Denham from Goal Nation today though..... did my usual pleasantries but he responded with nothing but a laughing face at the end of the game. So you guys should get your own house in order before accusing anyone of lacking respect.
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