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  1. Rejin

    Cant comment or request xp in league chat page

    Can't put player requests n league chat it's been 3days n still no update for issue
  2. Rejin

    Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

    Since last night I can't put player requests it's showing checks Internet connection. But there is no problems in playing matches and having perfect network too
  3. Rejin

    Hard to find a active league as a bigger

    4k .... It will take months with this level .. because of these dead league there is not much upagrd in squad though
  4. I am lvl5 newbie here in London arena , last league pack i really disappointed i was the only one active n took only 2 pack like 300+ trophy for claim it.. missed all those 8 pack becase of dead league members... There is no president n vc all of them are dead members .. as a lvl5 under 1000 trophy holder it was impossible to join a active league.. because all of them required high trophie players... Nobody here for us ??
  5. Top contributor of league pack, got same reward as just 1 trophie donor.. do you think is that Fair ?