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  1. Sean maguire

    10% load

    It won’t let me on the game and it’s stuck on 50% does anyone have this problem
  2. Won’t let me on the game stuck on 50%
  3. Cos u can only pack legends if u already have them in ur club!
  4. Guys stop fighting please
  5. Hey guys any drama I cba to read all seven pages
  6. I got the beta yesterday and I like it! The only thing I don’t like about it is that the special abilities u chose on some players is bad but apart from that I like it! So this morning I went on the game and tried to play a match and it didn’t work so I asked the guys in Hakuna Juan Mata if they could play game and they couldn’t! So when u see this can u try and fix this cos I want to play again
  7. I ordered it 48hrs ago and still hasent come
  8. I still don’t have that beta version and I applied yesterday at 11:30 where is it I want it soon and I am curious about the question bare asked
  9. I filled in the form for early access over 24hrs ago and I still don’t have it
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