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  1. West Ham doing well there. ⚒⚒⚒ By the way, the average only appears lower there as we only recently upgraded the capacity from 57K to 60K.
  2. @Waste Man is the best player in the game. Bloke absolutely walloped me!
  3. Zaman

    1 2 miss a few 10

    Random as
  4. TBF, he is an icon in FIFA too. Just saying.
  5. Zaman

    1 2 miss a few 10

    Yawn! 😉
  6. Zaman

    1 2 miss a few 10

    Spot on... we are the Cabinet and @Lemmy is the opposition. 😂
  7. For a second, I thought @Stoller returned! Then I saw that his post was back on June 27. 😭
  8. Zaman


    Bare! The one true King! 👑
  9. Zaman

    Book of the Week

    Not to be pedantic, but the saying is "we came, we saw, we conquered" otherwise known as veni, vidi, vici.
  10. Zaman

    Leaving Football Clash

    Same here, Pepsi. You are a top bloke who has always tried to calm others and that is a defining quality of yours. You always look at things in perspective and give a lot of respect. 👊
  11. I remember you tried to have a war on the forum but I told you it would never work. We love each other too much for that. ❤ I have had some of the most open chats with you and that is what most people really appreciate about you. You have been in both RE and The Outlaws, which shows just how trusted you are as a person. You and @Stoller are without doubt, true gents of the game. I always felt that you both had charisma. You are also crazy Lemmy, but that is what makes you unique. You had your own league, Cheeki Breeki. I wish you Cheeki Breeki! 💪🍻🇷🇸
  12. Zaman

    Book of the Week

    I have run out of reactions, but had to LOL this.
  13. Zaman

    Book of the Week

    I remember that now, but you weren't there for very long regardless.