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  1. Zaman


    Get well soon.
  2. Zaman


    I like how you made that joke only days after coming out of the hospital. You are a mad guy, Lemmy. 😂
  3. Zaman


    I like Croatia more. Slavisa was sacked by Fulham. Slaven Bilic got top 7 with West Ham. 😉 @Lemmy
  4. Zaman


    Just remove him. In fact, remove them all, Zeesh. I know you know how to do that. 😂
  5. Zaman

    Super bots

    How do you quit before the match has even started? DM to let me know.
  6. Zaman


  7. Zaman

    Proverb of the day

    Now, we have Lunatic Lemmy. ? But Lemmy is much nicer.
  8. Zaman

    Proverb of the day

    I record every game, I'm much worse. ?
  9. Zaman

    My ideas

    I can give him the other glitch too to make it even. ?
  10. Zaman

    My ideas

    DM me, matey. I'll send you the video to show you how. ?
  11. Zaman


  12. Zaman


    Here you go.
  13. Zaman


    Here's what the final Legend III table looked like.
  14. Zaman


    You can still make it. Only a matter of 200 division trophies to get.
  15. Zaman


    Nah, if I wanted to pick on the guy, I would have lied and told him top 10 was enough for promotion. ?