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  1. Zaman

    Gorse at 100K!

    100K for @Gorse H!
  2. Zaman

    Happy birthday 🍰

    Happy Birthday, @Logic. 🎂
  3. Zaman

    Gorse at 100K!

    Oh! Should be good to find out. ðŸĪž
  4. Zaman

    Gorse at 100K!

    Nah, the devs have even included full screen for Samsung devices, which is amazing! Sure, they had a mishap with upgrading players in the previous update but they have added new players and new tournaments, all of which are still pretty exciting.
  5. Zaman

    Gorse at 100K!

    Very well done to @Gorse H for being the first and only player to get over 100,000 season trophies. He has been playing this game the longest and it really shows in his movement! He has been adapting to this game more than any other player and is without a doubt the best player in this game. @Sean (SM Support), I think that the devs need to add a sixth digit to the season trophy counter so that we can see all of Gorse's season trophies. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
  6. I think I have more to thank you than you have of me to be quite honest, @Tahmid. You have been a hard worker and have been a good influence on me as well motivating me to play about as often as you.
  7. Thanks, Damo. 🙂 Glad to see you doing well in Roman Empire.
  8. Cheers, Lemmy. You read it all, so now you drink vodka all you like. ðŸĪŠ
  9. Cheers, Lemmy. 🙂
  10. You should write one, Pepsi. You are a top player with a lot of interesting experiences. Bazza is probably one of them. 😜
  11. LOL, I love my essays. And I understand the nature of the beef with you and Bare, so I understand your apprehension to it. It's fine. The record for consecutive top 50 goes back many months. Each and every player has taken a short break of at least a week hence why Tahmid and I hold that current record now.
  12. Cheers, Logic. 🙂
  13. I wanted to give a tribute to Goal Nation as the journeys for many players end and new ones are created. Each player has their own story in this game from the mundane to the downright absurd. Such a post cannot do it justice for all players that have ever been in Goal Nation but here goes. I have been in charge of Goal Nation for a very long time and have grown fond of everyone, from the sojourners who hopscotch between the top leagues, to those who stay for the possibility of earning a VP position. This may sound rather sanctimonious but I have never really cared either way whether a player chooses to stay in Goal Nation or not. For me, it is about the journey. I'm sure that this will resonate with many of the former GN players who had moved onto greener pastures. That last clause is something I want to discuss. With Goal Nation once one of the best leagues in the game, seeing it fall down the leaderboard at such a catastrophic rate, I'm afraid I had no other choice but to call it quits. Goal Nation had its halcyon days and I will always look upon those moments with immense joy but the league was simply not able to compete with the other leagues anymore. I will always cherish the times we had when we were top of the world. Never had I seen such a vibrant community in a league when the former President @Bareand us reigned supreme! That sense of camaraderie that once existed has dissipated for quite some time. It begs the question as to why the league should have remained open for business when no one was having any fun. I would rather Goal Nation finish on a high so that others may find their new homes and create new experiences for themselves. As I mentioned earlier, we all have our own stories. My story is one that is fraught with bouts of emotional ambivalence. I was playing incredibly well for myself moving from around 800 trophies to 3600 in a matter of days after initially struggling to get anything going. I was matched with a VP (by the name of Huseeb) of the now defunct United Nations 2 (or UN2). I lost to him 5-4 but he was so impressed by my performance that he sent me an invite to his league. From thereon in, he did one better and helped me join United Nations (UN). This is where I met @Gorse H. Gorse's attentive nature is what really caught my eye and how well he ran the league on his own terms. I have always got on with him and it was reciprocated back. Then a new league by the name of Goal Nation was created and I had inadvertently got caught in a dispute between Gorse and Bare. Unbeknownst to me, this had deteriorated my relationship with Gorse. I have always consider Gorse a good friend with a brazen approach to the game. It was that approach which eventually got us to get on with each other again. This may sound rather silly but I genuinely trust *both* the stories of Gorse and Bare in regards to this matter. I feel that there was a lot of emotion which distorted the true reality of this fiasco. It all goes back to the beginning where I mentioned how stories and narratives vary for each and every player. It is something that I am genuinely intrigued about when I speak with any person in this game. Gorse and Bare, you two were my long-running Presidents and in spite of any animosity you two may ever have harboured towards each other, you were both incredibly helpful and truthful in your own ways and I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me. âĪ As I have said, journeys give us experiences and vice versa. My experiences with both Presidents shaped how I ran Goal Nation. I saw how some of the more vitriolic elements of the league were being magnified so I had to lighten the mood in the league when I became President. It has been quite a transformation but it is fair to say that Goal Nation had became one of the most friendly leagues in the game with a focus on fostering the ideals of respect and kindness, not just within our own league but extending it to games as well. If there is something that I will miss about GN, it is the friendly nature of our league and how we have transformed ourselves. We really have set the hallmark here and I couldn't be any more proud of myself. It's not just the title of President that has given me experiences to hold on to but it is also the many players who have ever played or opined in the league. This post is long enough as it is so I won't give individual examples but just know that my players have exhibited signs of maturity far beyond anything I ever would have expected when I initially became the President. If there is one person I have to thank in this game, it is @Tahmid. I cannot put into words just how nice and mature he is. Just to give a bit of background, Tahmid was loyal to Liga MX with it being his first league. He decided to leave GN to return back home. This was not met well by the others. But I had noticed just how honest and polite Tahmid was in the manner he spoke that I was convinced I could dissuade him from staying in Liga MX. And looking back at that moment, I think we both know just how great a move that was. It is by far the best decision I have ever made in this game. Sometimes, you have to step aside and think about something from a more pragmatic approach. I essentially went with a different narrative by doing so. And suffice to say my biggest success in this game was converting Tahmid over to Goal Nation. He's a smart young man and I don't think I will ever see a more truthful and nice person in this game like Tahmid. I cannot overstate just how much his contributions have meant to me. Truth be told, if he had decided to leave GN any time after Bare had left, I would have been seriously demotivated to carry on playing. Currently, Tahmid and I hold the record for the amount of longest consecutive top 50 finishes each week. This happened when Wes didn't play much last week. We hold this record because we each motivate each other to do well in this game. This game isn't our full lives but it does mean quite a lot to us. Once again, Tahmid is invaluable to me. And so are Gorse and Bare who I like regardless of whether they play or whichever league they are in. And I'm sure that I will meet new players to admire as my journey continues. That's my story. And I hope that other GN players can create their own stories with new leagues to explore.
  14. Zaman

    Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

    I like your profile picture.
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    This is our community. Disgrace

    Given that it says eff Bazza, it could have been anyone! 😂