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  1. I know I'm a little late on this topic but I just made an account and I'm tired of people bashing me on here when I never had an account to defend myself, So first I'd like to clear up that I am not Gorse or Hkanelegend as I've been reading a lot on forums and people think I'm out to sabotage their leagues. Second I just made my account "Raequann" beginning of school year so ya I caught on to game pretty quick but I am not a hacker just got good early. Third I never hacked the game just during reset the system glitched and never reset me so I can understand why everyone is mad at me.
  2. just need someone to back me up so I stop being targeted here
  3. Yes they are very mistaken I'm a new player and being targeted by veterans because they think I'm something I'm not, I'm only Raequann and not anoyones second account
  4. Hello I'm Raeqaunn why the fuck does everyone think I'm Hkane/Gorse second account! I just recently downloaded game
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