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  1. Jajajaja Gorse is right, nobody will buy “Salah” for example. I think u can sell the cards to a low price in a “market” not to a player sorry, mi english is very poor.
  2. Pepa


    Please can u correct the problem with the conection when we send 3/4 invitation to league? thanks!
  3. Pepa


    Good point Kane!
  4. Pepa


    Is right! At least if you are going to earn a reward for days, raise levels of the players, otherwise everyone will have a maximized deck. not to mention either of the coins of those envelopes, the superior pack is now possible to buy.
  5. Pepa

    New update error!

    Goodnight! I write because with the new update of the game, every time I shoot at goal, the game gets stuck / lagged. Can you do something to solve it? Thank you!
  6. I will play it. U have a league?
  7. Pepa

    Hakuna Morata

    Alo! We do a new league of Hakuna Juan Mata, if somebody want to join is welcome! People who have high trophies will be promoted to the TOP league. See us!
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