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  1. Hello all I'm sure most of you will have noticed my inactivity these last few weeks I can now confirm my retirement from the game Had an amazing time and met some great people - too many to mention by name - but you know who you are All the best to everyone Stoller
  2. Stoller

    Last Week

    Well said @Damo Classy comment from a classy guy
  3. That is an absolute embarrassment to the game. Whoever is guilty of that should be deleted immediately. I hope there is some way you can see who changed the league bio in EU today @Sean (SM Support)?
  4. Stoller

    The Fifty

    Sad to announce that The Fifty will today be closed It's been an incredible privilege to have been part of it for over six months and am so proud of our achievements But all good things must come to an end and I wish everybody love and luck on their onward journeys
  5. Hello community So today I celebrate my one year anniversary on the game ? Seen a lot of things, experienced a lot of drama, seen a lot of players come and go, have been forced to adapt to many changes and met some fantastic people during that time (and a lot of idiots too to be fair) Excuse my narcissism here but I’m going to use this moment to reflect on my time on this stupid little frustrating game: Won over 5000 games (without lobbing once lol) Donated just shy of half a million XP Won over 200 tournaments (although I watched myself lose nil nil in another 30 at least grrrrr) Got to manager level 12 Started my own independent league The Fifty from scratch which went on to be become number one league multiple times Finished number one on the leaderboard getting 8k trophies in the process Was appointed joint moderator of the forum and got to tell a lot of people off for swearing Was the first player (to my knowledge at any rate) on this newest version of the game to achieve a win streak of over 100 legitimately And pioneered the “daily dump” (that’s what call it in our league anyway...) A lot of the above couldn’t have been done without the help and support from so many people and I thank each and every one of you Seems an odd time on the game in general so I want to may tribute to all the other “long termers” on here - mazeltov! *This is the bit when you all break into rapturous applause and someone hands me my Oscar...
  6. Stoller

    WoW ????

    That’s terrible @Lemmy and I know you have had this issue for a while. Hope this can be sorted @Sean (SM Support)? @Damo you are a good guy and a respectful opponent. This isn’t your fault at all It’s the game Hope issues like this get sorted or we will lose even more really loyal long term players here
  7. I'm assuming the goal replays will be like match replays - available to share in leagues after the games
  8. Stoller


    No real need for your input here Arnav. Pepsi and Bazz have personal history. But best to stay out of it
  9. Hi guys I have been speaking with the team about this issue since the update Frustratingly for all of us effected negatively by this (myself included) I can confirm that there will be no compensation for this Apologies for the inconvenience Hopefully people can upgrade both Salah and Varane quickly via cheap xp etc
  10. As I have told you in private and Lemmy has told you on here, I. DID. NOT. KICK. YOU Hopefully that will clear that little confusion up for you?
  11. Lemmy is saying that as a right handed person he has been disadvantaged this whole time up until the recent change
  12. Hi guys Obviously there are a number of issues to discuss about this update Just wanted to get a general opinion about one of those issues - the boost button Appreciate your time S
  13. You and about 20 others! I will open the league for you NOT for "Blyth Spartans"
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