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  1. Stoller


    No real need for your input here Arnav. Pepsi and Bazz have personal history. But best to stay out of it
  2. Stoller


    How do you mean?
  3. Stoller


    Hi guys I have been speaking with the team about this issue since the update Frustratingly for all of us effected negatively by this (myself included) I can confirm that there will be no compensation for this Apologies for the inconvenience Hopefully people can upgrade both Salah and Varane quickly via cheap xp etc
  4. Stoller

    Bazza and fifty

    As I have told you in private and Lemmy has told you on here, I. DID. NOT. KICK. YOU Hopefully that will clear that little confusion up for you?
  5. Stoller

    An unnoticed disadvantage

    Lemmy is saying that as a right handed person he has been disadvantaged this whole time up until the recent change
  6. Stoller

    Boost Button

    Hi guys Obviously there are a number of issues to discuss about this update Just wanted to get a general opinion about one of those issues - the boost button Appreciate your time S
  7. Stoller

    Anyone want me?!

  8. Stoller

    Anyone want me?!

    You and about 20 others! I will open the league for you NOT for "Blyth Spartans"
  9. Stoller

    Anyone want me?!

    What’s your new name?
  10. Stoller

    Anyone want me?!

    Come home LR
  11. Stoller

    New Update

    People let’s be calm here. New updates always have teething problems. I know it’s frustrating. But keep the faith and we’ll have everything sorted so it’s an even playing field at least
  12. Stoller

    New Update

    I believe that maxed blues moving to purple should be level 2 - 3 levels down from maxed The fact that some have them maxed in purple is obviously a mistake and I expect it will be rectified forthwith
  13. Stoller

    New Update

    See below regarding the levels of the upgraded/downgraded players: What happens when a player card goes up a level; The following changes occur when a players card level changes:*Good to Superb loses 2 levels;*Superb to Good gains 2 levels;*Super to Elite loses 3 levels;*Elite to Superb gains 3 levels.'
  14. Stoller

    New Update

    The player changes and upgrade cost changes will happen over the next few weeks - no specific timings right now unfortunately
  15. Stoller

    New Update

    Don't have an exact time for you as yet - will update when we can