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  1. LAG

    Right I'm back to this again. Have shocking lag today. Seems nobody else is affected as people seem to have no issues beating me. Anyone else suffering?
  2. Versions Poll

    Yeah I agree. Would be good to have boosts that were equal in potency so that there was more variation in team selection. It does become a little dull when we all have the same players
  3. Versions Poll

    Think it would be more even if pace and accurate shot were more useful on this version
  4. Versions Poll

    Man this is a tough one. I LOVED the old version. But I must say I have grown to enjoy this version much more than I ever thought. Gonna sit on a fence for the moment and let others plead their cases first lol Great thread though Den
  5. 10% load

    Have you double checked there are no updates in your app store?
  6. Purple Players / Bug???

    Yeah that’s not great Luis. Hopefully you’ll be sorted out soon
  7. Purple Players / Bug???

    Thats clearly an issue @SM Support(Alex) Sorry you’re experiencing that Luis
  8. Open season tournament

    Has anybody managed to get into this yet?
  9. Predictions WC/CL

    Germany and Real
  10. Open season tournament

    Still not working for us in our league
  11. Open season tournament

    I think I daily limit would be good
  12. Open season tournament

    Might be an idea to set up a new thread just for ideas for future tournos?
  13. European Union - UN Partners

    I think this is great. A brilliant league opening new opportunities. Good luck to you all. Sure the whole community will support you guys here
  14. 10% again...

  15. 10% again...

    Sorted now right?