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    The essence of the game

    Well said @Pepsi @Wes is one of the finest players and people on the game Don’t know a single person who’d disagree with that But you did exactly the same thing for me yesterday so you are both absolute class acts in my opinion
  2. Stoller

    Reddit page

    At the risk of sounding like a granddad, Andy, what is exactly is it? And how would it help us all?
  3. Stoller

    The Fifty

    A brand new independent League - The Fifty - has now been launched Ambitious but chilled. Competitive but respectful. Rivals but not enemies. Open to committed, mature and progressive new members
  4. Stoller

    The Fifty

    Thanks man. Really appreciate that
  5. Stoller

    The Fifty

    Thanks G. You're a class act bro
  6. Stoller

    The Fifty

    Just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the efforts of those in The Fifty Last week we were fortunate enough to finish the season as the number one league for the first time I want to publicly thank all those who put in so much work last week and indeed all those who have been a part of our little league since it started three and a half months ago To be able to finish above such great leagues as European Union, Hispania, Allstar United, Goal Nation, United Nations and especially Italian Revenge (who pushed us so hard last week and have been the top league for a while now) is a real honour Also wanted to thank the Presidents of the top leagues who all found time to privately message me to congratulate us - just shows what classy people we have on this thing I hope this doesn't come across as gloating - I have nothing but the greatest respect for all our rivals - but I feel so incredibly proud I just wanted to share this publicly Looking forward to another great battle this week too See you in all the arena!
  7. Stoller

    Fair football

    Long ball may be a "style" to you as somehow you are able to do something about it To the hundreds of us who can't get a challenge in 99% of the time Long Ball is most certainly a glitch/bug
  8. Stoller

    If Stoller was in the PL

    Flattery will get you everywhere lol
  9. Stoller


    Dear @SM Support(Alex) You only have to scan today’s activity on here to know that we are a fractured community We are arguing, accusing, offending and disrespecting each other. This isn’t us All things being equal we are a fair and respectful bunch This is down to our collective frustration over the issues on the game. Some of which (long ball, GK positioning, tactics button bug) have been talked about on here for many weeks. With no action taken We are losing good players and good people by the day here and are squabbling with each other unnecessarily. Please PLEASE can you a. Address these issues with the dev team and more importantly b. Report back to us, your loyal client base, that we have been listened to and action will be taken Otherwise I fear this great game and these great players/people will completely implode Respect to all fellow players
  10. Stoller

    Long ball

    Ok bro. Wasn't a dig at you. Just can't believe Huds didn't use the glitch lol
  11. Stoller

    Long ball

    Gonna stick my neck out here and suggest that was a bot
  12. Stoller

    This game is too easy for some of us

    You've rumbled me. That's my second...
  13. Stoller

    Long ball

    Firstly the word is “got” Secondly no need to capitalise “Skin” Thirdly I am not a “boy” Fourthly I must concede you terrify me. I couldn’t sleep last night. You are easily the best player this game has ever seen. Congratulations...
  14. Stoller

    Long ball

    Hope you extend that courtesy to the rest of us. We played yesterday. You played long ball 100% of the time against me. I didn’t play long ball or let the game go to extra time. Look forward to playing you next time minus long ball then. Thanks
  15. Stoller


    Hello Adam. Welcome
  16. Stoller

    How to promote people to vice president

    If you go to your league and then press the large i icon you’ll see a list of all league players. Select the chosen VP and you should see a green PROMOTE option
  17. Stoller

    Long ball

    You shamelessly exploit a bug on the game to gain an unfair advantage against opponents. You don’t even try to play the game. You exclusively rely on a technical issue. I would be shocked if you had one single person on here being supportive of the way you play.
  18. Stoller

    Allstar United

    Let's keep things civil here please boys
  19. Stoller


    Hey all. Avoid entering any of the new tourno's. I have been stuck on a LOADING... screen for 20 minutes I keep restarting app but it takes me back each time No way out and I've spent 25 coins!!!!!!
  20. Stoller

    Allstar United

    Good league with respectful players. Doing great - nice work
  21. Stoller

    Is the game down?

    I can't get matched in the arena. Anyone else having this issue?
  22. Stoller

    LOB PASS!!

    Not sure “ball hoggers” is a much more respectful term than “cheat” 😉
  23. Stoller

    Over the bar

    Let's not lower ourselves to attacking entire leagues here
  24. Stoller

    Over the bar

    I had this just the other day. Lost two games on the bounce because of it. Nightmare. Yeah another things that needs looking at for sure
  25. Stoller

    LOB PASS!!

    So right B. Been saying this for ages. Tired of the cheating. Harsh word but can’t think of a more appropriate term