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  2. Bare

    Quick Question

    This answer the guys Q then yes joe you can still drop
  3. Bare

    Quick Question

    So u can still drop?
  4. Bare

    Global chat

    See with these types of games with clans involved etc its a must to have some sort of in game communication outwith the clan chat. Eg above also has in messages like you will see on social menu it says inbox and fellowship. In eg above its a simple click and your back and fourth between your own clan chat and global chat. Both in the same menu with easy access
  5. Bare

    Global chat

    Its the same sort of set up really as football clash with your clan being your fellowship. Next to fellowship chat you got global chat where everyone from different fellowships can speak in one place on the game. Further up the chat there where new guys asking for tips and wanting to join new fellowships aswell. Sean this cant be that much work to implement will it? E3C01CAB-8415-45CE-B6EB-3AE8C20555CD.MP4
  6. Bare

    Global chat

    Ok here goes I’ll be using lotr shadow of war as example
  7. Bare

    Global chat

    Cba trolling through it all I’ll wait for seans response
  8. Bare

    Global chat

    You sure? Where does it say u can so I can see for myself
  9. Bare

    Quick Question

    No you can drop also
  10. Bare

    Global chat

    Nope just a seperate global chat for everyone to speak on in game. Been playing a few other games recently with this implemented in them. I’d show you but I dunno if its allowed what with copyright and stuff. @Sean (SM Support) Am I allowed to show other games on here?
  11. Bare

    Global chat

    I’d like to see global introduced into the game itself. I makes things easier for newcomers joining leagues and will help them out a bit when needing tips on the game. It will lighten the load on the in game support feature also as any queries folks have they will ask in global chat. Helps everyone out
  12. Bare

    Curled Shot

    I’m not sure but what has been removed for a while now is the GK keeper feature where you could dive anywhere ie top corners and bottom corners. Now you can only dive left or right meaning if you hit a daisy cutter you never miss. Should be changed back to the old way
  13. Bare

    Invite only bug

    When switching to invite only people can still gain access to the league through searching for it in the leagues menu when you are no league. Although the league dosent appear in open leagues when you are not in a league you can still gain access through searching it. Get this fixed. Problems been highlighted thorouly here.
  14. Bare

    Crossbar trick

    I wont be doing that on here. I’m sure theres a few on here that know exactly what you said gorse in particular and a few others from the old UN and maybe even a few thats still there. You think because your all nicey nicey now people respect you hkane? Everyone knows what your about people just choose to keep quiet with you now because your part of stollers leagu and hes a respectful guy. Nothing to do with you turning over a supposed “ new leaf “ shall we say