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  1. Can login again - issue solved.
  2. Exactly! Ronaldo is benchwarmer while Vidal starter. Pogba not even in Team...
  3. Good to know and thanx for replying. However, any rough ETA? Before/after Christmas or rather somewhen in January?
  4. Nope, still out. Didn't expect it to be solved over the weekend but hope they at least reply on this early next week!?
  5. Hey guys, for two days now, I cannot login from Steam. Game loads to 10% but then says some like 'sorry, servers currently under maintenance, try later' (see attachment). Already completely removed game files and re-installed, but this seems to be a general problem according to http://steamcharts.com/app/628870 Steam / PC not supported no more? Would be too bad, since I only play on Steam...
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