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  1. Rest in Peace Football clash 😪
  2. Gorse is a player like you. WTF can he do ?
  3. These players are missing from the top 100 2018. Perisic, Jorginho, Dzeko, Insigne, Fernandinho, Matuidi, L. Hernandez, Pickford, Pavard(best goal in world cup), Trippier, Immobile, Meunier, Marcos Alonso, Son, Maguire, Milner, Depay, Rebic, Cheryshev, de Ligt, F. de Jong, Torreira, G. Martinez, Fekir, Witsel, Giroud, Lozano. I hope they will be added soon.
  4. You mean Plum City ?😂
  5. @Tameez SeedatIt seems like Arnav is more mature then you.
  6. Since when are we Partners? Hypocrites...
  7. Im late.... but Happy new year!
  8. There are two sides to every story and the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle!!!
  9. I would like more countrys.....
  10. Icardi, Falcao, Dzeko and Insigne have to be in this game!
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