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  1. Yeah i have no problem with it John . I found it funny so i posted
  2. Im not complaining im happy for you to carry on being a bad loser was just making a statement
  3. I wasn't complaining in chat either i was just saying your a bad loser and wanted to see if it was the same when you played others
  4. I bet gorse can't sleep at night now his lost your respect 😂
  5. Wes

    Ultimate pack

    I was very happy with it John . I meant sick in a good way 😁
  6. Wes


    Stop being negative John
  7. Is this some kind of sick joke 😂
  8. Wes

    What is this new bug? 😂

    And again . Seems to happen when i use my 2nd team
  9. Wes

    Players downgraded

    Mine are all maxed . Wish they would go down so i could max them for manager level
  10. Not really unless you went on a 10000 game win streak . Is it even possible to play that many games in a week ?
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