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  1. Tournament/Retry login

    Sounds like the same problem as me , I've not had a chance to re try since the update because I've wasted all my coins on this
  2. Tournament/Retry login

    Ahh that could be the problem , I've just updated thanks
  3. Tournament/Retry login

    Just watching the time tick down . Clicking everywhere but it won' let me in
  4. Tournament/Retry login

    Awagstaff said it happened to him once but it's happening to me every time.
  5. Tournament/Retry login

    I get to the semi final then I just watch myself lose . It won't let me in , happened 3 times in a row
  6. Predictions WC/CL

    I'm going with bayern and France
  7. Tournaments

    Tried that but I got nothing .
  8. Tournaments

    I watched it like on the picture , didn't even get to watch the actual play
  9. Tournaments

    Just watched myself lose a tournament without getting to play . Glad it wasn't for 100 coins but still
  10. How to get Ultimate Pack?

    I've had 2 in the last 2 weeks 😁
  11. 10% load

    I have not been able to get past 10% for the past few hours
  12. In for a shock!!

    I see everyone's getting on well these days 🙈 need to sort this game out what's with the playing bots all the time !!!!
  13. NEW UPDATE!!!

    There's no matching bug barea I can play stoller on friendlys and his iPhone and I'm Samsung
  14. Trophy reset fail - another bug

    Ruins it for everyone really . Don't know how bazza feels about it but I'm not interested we're I Finnish this week. Probably just play for packs