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  1. Hey Guys, Due to reasons beyond our control we are going to have to move the site shutdown to tomorrow (25-04-2019). We apologise for the sudden date change, but hope that 24 hours notice is enough time to get the rest of you signed up to our new home grounds. For users that may miss this post and attempt to access this site in the future, they will be redirected to the new site. So See you at our new grounds! and... See you in the arena!
  2. Hey Guys... Just a reminder that we will be moving house, so this site will be taken down as of the 29/04/2019 . We don't wonna lose any of you guys from our family, so please make sure you fire your way over to our signup page, (https://community.soccermanager.com/register), and be the first to post your comments in one of many of our new threads, exciting! 🙂 Soccer Manager hopes to see all at our new home, So see you all there, and see you all in the arena!!
  3. One forum to rule them all! Hey guys... Just a short announcement about our Football Clash forum. We will be merging this forum with the rest of our Soccer Manager families forums, so; Soccer Manager 2019, Football Clash : All stars, Soccer Manager Worlds, and finally Soccer Manager Elite, will all be under one cozy roof, which means you will be able to interact with our users across all our gaming worlds. We at Soccer Manager are very excited about bringing our family under one roof, and see it as a positive step towards our expansion with our current games. Things you need to know; - Access to this existing forum will cease at the end of the month (31/04/2019) - New accounts will need to be created We are very excited to begin this next part of our journey, and hope that you guys will all join us on 'the road' to expansion 😉 See you guys in the arena!!
  4. Update: New Cards, Change in Player Levels & New Countries! In the latest update to Football Clash: All Stars we have added New Cards, Changed Player Levels and introduced Southeast Asia to the Arena! Five New Player Cards Five new cards have been introduced to the Arena: Computer, Dutch Destroyer, O Canito, Senegalese Speedster and Colossus. Computer (available in Arena 4) – a legendary midfielder with an unrivaled footballing brain. Dutch Destroyer (available in Arena 6) – a man mountain of a defender with leadership skills and a calmness on the ball. O Canito (available in Arena 4) – a prolific striker who is ruthless in front of goal. Senegalese Speedster (available in Arena 5) – a pacey winger with an eye for goal. Colossus (available in Arena 3) – a defender who combines strength and speed with an elegance on the ball. Change in Player Levels The way we approach a change in player levels is a combination of listening to our community, testing and looking at the stats. This helps us keep the game balanced. The following 6 players are having a change in card level: Shadow: Superb –> Elite Sharp Shooter: Good –> Superb French Prince: Superb –> Elite El Pipita: Elite –> Superb Warrior: Elite –> Superb Nino Maravilla: Superb –> Good The following changes occur when a players card level changes: Good to Superb loses 2 levels. Superb to Good gain 2 levels. Superb to Elite loses 3 levels. Elite to Superb gains 3 levels. Four New Legacy Cards Four players have now become Legacy cards: El Jefecito. Raging Bull. Armenian Archer. Turkish Delight. New Countries Football Clash: All Stars has come to Southeast Asia! Those of you in that region will now be able to enter the Arena. Bugs Multiple bugs that our community have reported from the Arena have been fixed. Please leave your thoughts and feedback on the forums. See you in the Arena!
  5. These are the main forum rules. They have been created with the intention of providing Arena players with a comfortable place to have discussions about the game. The forum presents Arena players with an opportunity to share information, exchange ideas, ask questions and generally just to meet and enjoy the company of other enthusiasts from around the world. I'm reposting this as i believe some of you have violated these rules. Now I'm not going to throw around warnings or bannings at this point, but if the kind of antagonistic behaviour, like what we see on threads, 'Racism', 'We are and always gonna be proud on our history', and 'RE? What happened' continues, I will then be handing out total bans. We really don't want to see the topics descend to that again. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A FAMILY FRIENDLY FORUM. All Arena players should read these rules before they begin posting: These forums are English only. Please check the sticky threads at the top of each board for any board specific rules. Multiple accounts are not permitted on the forum. Creating multiple accounts will result in a permanent ban of all accounts. Rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, harassment, name and shame, inflammatory posts, trolling or racism will not be tolerated. Moderator decisions are final in these matters and abuse towards our staff in any form will not be tolerated. This is a family friendly forum and we will not tolerate offensive, vulgar, discriminatory, sexual or inappropriate language. Moderators have a final say on what is and isn't appropriate. Multiple, repeated or cross-posting the same message is not tolerated. No posting replies on very old (dead) threads which have not been locked. Multiple or repeated posting of the same topic is not tolerated. The use of animated GIFs in posts, as your avatar or in your signature is not allowed. Posting of advertisements for products or services, links to auctions, affiliate links, links to promote websites and so forth is not allowed without Soccer Manager Ltd's prior consent. Copying content created by others be this images, prose or any other medium is not allowed. Do not attempt to claim to represent or speak on behalf of Soccer Manager Ltd if you are not a moderator or Soccer Manager Ltd employee. Do not deliberately and/or maliciously spread information about Soccer Manager Ltd games, moderators or employees. We do not remove posts or accounts on requests. Do not correct posts like you are a moderator. If you have a problem with a post, please report it, rather than playing the roll of moderator. Only report posts that you are sure violate the forum rules and/or contain questionable content. Do not spam or overuse the report tool or make frivolous reports as this can result in a ban. Moderators may ban any forum member without prior notice for breaking the Forum rules. You may not discuss publicly any actions taken by moderators which may include bans, closing and/or deleting of threads and deleting posts. This includes posting publicly any messages and/or emails you receive from moderators, staff or support. Please note that we update these rules when needed and though you may not have agreed to the updated rules when signing up to the forums, you are agreeing to all updated or added rules. It is your responsibility to stay up-to-date on the forum rules and anyone who violates them will be banned and offending content will be removed at any time, without warning. The length of the ban will be based on the severity and/or frequency of the violation.
  6. Prepare to enter the Arena as Football Clash: All Stars is coming to Southeast Asia! If you have an Android device you can pre-register in advance. You will then automatically receive a push notification from google notifying you when it is available to download. Unfortunately those with Apple devices can’t pre-register but we will keep our community updated and announce a release date shortly. To pre-register follow this link http://socm.io/1vr See you all in the arena!!
  7. SNEAK PEEK #1 - New Cards! The following 5 players are set to enter the Arena: New Legendary Card: Computer - a Defensive Midfielder. New Superb Card: Dutch Destroyer - a Defender. New Superb Card: O Canito - a Striker. New Superb Card: Senegalese Speedster - a Winger. New Good Card: Colossus - a Defender. SNEAK PEEK #2 - Change in Player Levels! The following 6 players are set to have a change in card level: Shadow: Superb --> Elite Sharp Shooter: Good --> Superb French Prince: Superb --> Elite El Pipita: Elite --> Superb Warrior: Elite --> Superb Nino Maravilla: Superb --> Good SNEAK PEEK #3 - Legacy Cards! The following 4 players are to become Legacy cards: El Jefecito. Raging Bull. Armenian Archer. Turkish Delight. SNEAK PEEK #4 - New Countries! Prepare to enter the Arena as Football Clash: All Stars is coming to Southeast Asia! Please leave your thoughts and feedback on the forums. See you in the Arena!
  8. I'll have a look, might be tomorrow now, but PM me your profile id.
  9. Hey, Can you PM me your profile ID and I'll have a look at your account. Thanks
  10. In the latest update to Football Clash: All Stars we have introduced Divisions, Manager Cards and Goal Replays. Divisions A new Division system has been introduced that allows you to compete on a weekly basis with Clubs from all over the world: There are 13 different Divisions, with each one containing up to 100 Clubs. Every Club starts in the bottom Division. A Division season lasts 7 days. The number of Trophies won during the season will determine a Club’s standing. At the end of a season Clubs will receive rewards based on their position. Clubs can either be promoted or relegated to the next tier Division. Manager Cards Attribute Boost has been removed and replaced with Manager Cards. This gives Managers greater tactical flexibility: There are 2 types of card available, Manager and Equipment. Manager – boost all players in your Squad or Tactical elements. Equipment – boost specific players adjusting single attributes. Manager Cards can be unlocked through Player Packs. The quality of the Manager Card will be tied to Manager Level. A Manager will start with one card slot. As they increase their Manager Level they’ll unlock more slots up to a maximum of 3. Each Manager will have a card inventory of 15 slots. A Manager Card can be used up to 3 times dependent on the type of card. Hope you all have fun with our new additions!! See you on the pitch ?
  11. The King Cup is now live! Can you guide your all star team to victory and win this legend for your own team? Entry: 75: Cr Prize: The King
  12. Heard you loud and clear mate. Some really interesting suggestions here, and i now have a very lengthy list to take to our devs. Once we've released this next update, still no date by the way ?, I'll get the guys together where I'll bring up all these suggestions, and then we can see which of them are doable and in what sort of timeframe...But yeah first things first, this update...Please, this update ? Nice one for the suggestion Damo, noted ?
  13. Not sure how difficult this would be to implement due to the fact that when you max a player out, you can't get anymore xp for that player, however i will pass this suggestion on to our devs, see what they think. Cheers bud ?
  14. The first person ever!! That is impressive, but yeah it's such a shame we haven't got that extra digit, I'll let our devs know about this ?
  15. 2 tournaments incoming guys ?
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