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  1. Sean (SM Support)

    Update: Divisions, Manager Cards

    In the latest update to Football Clash: All Stars we have introduced Divisions, Manager Cards and Goal Replays. Divisions A new Division system has been introduced that allows you to compete on a weekly basis with Clubs from all over the world: There are 13 different Divisions, with each one containing up to 100 Clubs. Every Club starts in the bottom Division. A Division season lasts 7 days. The number of Trophies won during the season will determine a Club’s standing. At the end of a season Clubs will receive rewards based on their position. Clubs can either be promoted or relegated to the next tier Division. Manager Cards Attribute Boost has been removed and replaced with Manager Cards. This gives Managers greater tactical flexibility: There are 2 types of card available, Manager and Equipment. Manager – boost all players in your Squad or Tactical elements. Equipment – boost specific players adjusting single attributes. Manager Cards can be unlocked through Player Packs. The quality of the Manager Card will be tied to Manager Level. A Manager will start with one card slot. As they increase their Manager Level they’ll unlock more slots up to a maximum of 3. Each Manager will have a card inventory of 15 slots. A Manager Card can be used up to 3 times dependent on the type of card. Hope you all have fun with our new additions!! See you on the pitch 😉
  2. Sean (SM Support)

    Friday Tournament this week !!

    The King Cup is now live! Can you guide your all star team to victory and win this legend for your own team? Entry: 75: Cr Prize: The King
  3. Sean (SM Support)

    The Future Of Football Clash

    Heard you loud and clear mate. Some really interesting suggestions here, and i now have a very lengthy list to take to our devs. Once we've released this next update, still no date by the way 😭, I'll get the guys together where I'll bring up all these suggestions, and then we can see which of them are doable and in what sort of timeframe...But yeah first things first, this update...Please, this update 🙏 Nice one for the suggestion Damo, noted 👍
  4. Sean (SM Support)


    Not sure how difficult this would be to implement due to the fact that when you max a player out, you can't get anymore xp for that player, however i will pass this suggestion on to our devs, see what they think. Cheers bud 👍
  5. Sean (SM Support)

    Gorse at 100K!

    The first person ever!! That is impressive, but yeah it's such a shame we haven't got that extra digit, I'll let our devs know about this 👑
  6. Sean (SM Support)

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    2 tournaments incoming guys 👍
  7. Sean (SM Support)

    Game not loading

    And no difference from 21 hours? I got one of our devs to look at it late yesterday, and he couldn't see a problem. Tell it's resolved itself 🙏
  8. Sean (SM Support)

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Yeah any ideas regarding the end game that you guys have, time and work considered, I'll bring them up in our meetings. Just need to get the next update out the way, then I'll see what our dev guys think.
  9. Sean (SM Support)

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Hey Oranje, You've made some very interesting points, and coming from a new user is very enlightening too 😀. I've past your comments on to the dev guys, and we do agree that the end game does suffer quite a bit, so more arenas to spread out the difficulty is a good shout, however we are limited when it comes to our development team. We're a modest company with high demands, which limits us on what we can do / add. We've also discussed the idea of just adding a leaderboard instead of the map for rome, which may bring a different kind of edge to it. We'll have to see for the future, but rest assured your comments have been heard /read 👍
  10. Sean (SM Support)

    Game not loading

  11. Sean (SM Support)

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    I've been informed that there should be a new tournament coming this friday. Regarding new arenas, I'm sure this will be in the planning for the future, but not at least for the next few months.
  12. Sean (SM Support)

    Game not loading

    However if you're not able to log in, do you remember your club name / league name / trophy count?
  13. Sean (SM Support)

    Game not loading

    Can you send me your profile ID? I'll try and get our devs to look at this for you.
  14. Sean (SM Support)

    Teleport like Goku after sub

    Hi Babux, Oh wow I've experienced the odd teleporting player every now and then, but it's quite rare issue and is normally related to communication cut out through our servers, but that's a really bad one. I'll pass this on to our test team, get them to play some matches and see if they can reproduce it, and if it flashes up an error in our systems we will hopefully be able to get to the bottom of it. Thanks for the video, that's very helpful 😀
  15. Sean (SM Support)

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Hi Oranje, Welcome to the forum 🖐️ I've been confused by this in the past myself, but as Gorse H said, this is set to change with the next update. We have made a few changes on the progression map, which will make it more clear with regards to how many trophies you'll need to progress on to the next node. In arena 9 you start with 4500 trophies, and then for the next node there's a massive jump were you'll need 5000 trophies, this will be indicated via the trophy Icon which will be placed underneath the node. Believe me, i do get your frustration with the difficulty at this level, it's crazy hard and made harder by the new stamina feature, but this is by design as we wanted it to be a challenge for the top players in the league, and would make it that much more rewarding for them when / if 😉 they finally complete it. Hopefully along with the aforementioned edition we are adding manager cards to the game, with some of them featuring boosts for team stamina, so this may ease the difficulty...Slightly 😉