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  1. Sean (SM Support)

    Update Sneak Peek!

    Coming in the new update… SNEAK PEEK #1 – Divisions A Division system is being introduced that allows you to compete on a weekly basis with Clubs from all over the world: There’ll be 13 different Divisions, with each one containing up to 100 Clubs. Every Club will start in the bottom Division. A Division season will last 7 days. The number of Trophies won during the season will determine a Club’s standing. At the end of a season Clubs will receive rewards based on their position. Clubs can either be promoted or relegated to the next tier Division. SNEAK PEEK #2 – Manager Cards Attribute Boost is being removed and being replaced with Manager Cards. This will give Managers greater tactical flexibility: There’ll be 2 types of card available, Manager and Equipment. Manager – will boost all players in your Squad or Tactical elements. Equipment – will boost specific players adjusting single attributes. Manager Cards will be unlocked through Player Packs. The quality of the Manager Card will be tied to Manager Level. A Manager will start with one card slot. As they increase their Manager Level they’ll unlock more slots up to a maximum of 3. Each Manager will have a card inventory of 15 slots. A Manager Card can be used up to 3 times dependent on the type of card. SNEAK PEEK #3 – Goal Replays Scored a screamer in the Arena? Now you’ll be able to see a short replay after a goal has been scored. Check out our Blog page for a teaser. See you in the arena
  2. Sean (SM Support)

    An unnoticed disadvantage

    Hey guys, Sorry for my absence on here yesterday, was out of the office. In regards to this topic, i do like the idea of adding an option to cater for both right and left handed people, i would hate for people to think the company is leftist 😉 I'll speak to the dev guys about the possibility of adding this in the settings, and providing this won't mess with the code elsewhere too much, then I'm sure we could sort this. S
  3. Coming in the next update for Football Clash: All Stars... We have made improvements to both the matchday and UI as well as adding two new cards. New UI: A lick of paint which can't be missed! Two New Player Cards: You may recognise one legendary player, who will appear in arena 6. He enjoyed the right flank a lot and was known for his dribbling ability. We also have a new Sharp Shooter winger, who will show up in arena 2. Player Cards & Player Packs: After much consideration we have decided to; 1) Reduce the time it takes to unlock a player pack 2) Reduced the cost to upgrade player cards 3) and we're reducing the cost it takes to purchase Player Packs from the shop Matchday Improvements: Huge changes to the matchday experience for that added element of strategy. This will take the form of energy, in which players will have 5 bars of fitness. Players will lose 1 fitness bar each match, but this will only apply to matches where you win trophies, so excluding tournaments and training... Also, Based on feedback from our community, we have added 3 slots on Tactics so now you can save a variety of formations and tactics. Change in Player Levels: The way we approach a change in player levels is a combination of listening to our community, testing and looking at the stats. This helps us keep the game balanced. The following 8 players are having a change in card level; Monster: Elite —> Superb Illusionist: Elite —> Superb La Jirafa: Superb —> Elite Little Prince: Superb —> Good Flying Pharaoh: Superb —> Elite Le Boss: Superb —> Good Shadow: Good —> Superb French Prince: Good —> Superb The following changes occur when a players card level changes; Good to Superb loses 2 levels. Superb to Good gain 2 levels. Superb to Elite loses 3 levels. Elite to Superb gains 3 levels. For detailed information on the above changes please check out our blog page at footballclash.com/blog Please leave your thoughts and feedback within General Discussion. See you in the Arena!
  4. Sean (SM Support)

    Shop deal

    Hi, have you contacted in-game support?
  5. Sean (SM Support)

    Global chat

    Hey, yes go right ahead 👍
  6. Sean (SM Support)

    Attacker achievement bug

    Hey Mohamed Khodeir, So today i thought I'd try to reproduce your issue on our test devices, so we can see the errors from it, and debug it. But as is always the way with these things, i could claim the achievement fine, so no errors 😭. We couldn't tell you what the problem could be, which is very frustrating to both us and you. I don't want to say to you, to delete the app and reinstall it again because you've probably already done that?
  7. Sean (SM Support)

    We need help

    Hey CmC, I've chased this up with in-game support, they should respond to you shortly. Thank you for reporting this issue, I've just reproduced it myself 👍 S
  8. Sean (SM Support)

    Attacker achievement bug

    Hi Mohamed Khodeir, I've followed up with in-game support a few minuets ago on this, they've informed me that they've not received your message there, did you send it from a different account than the one in the screenshots? Also this is probably a silly question so please forgive me lol, but are you still getting this issue when you claim the achievement then close the app and re-open it?
  9. Sean (SM Support)

    It’s time to stop this!!!

    Lets keep it civil guys! peace and love, and all that jazz ❤️
  10. Sean (SM Support)

    It’s time to stop this!!!

    Hi Guys, We are aware of this issue now and have reproduced it on our devices. It's not because he hasn't updated the game, it's that the game isn't updating when he has a loss. We will have a fix for this shortly. S
  11. Sean (SM Support)

    Crossbar trick

    In answer to this question, yes the moderators do an excellent job in communicating issues found by both themselves, and the community, and in doing so are responsible for helping eradicate some of the key issues found. I'm locking this thread now, and i urge everyone to leave this conversation here, as this behavior is not what we want from our forum. S
  12. Sean (SM Support)

    Record for Consecutive Wins

    wow you must be pretty good 😉 I'll let the test team know.
  13. Sean (SM Support)

    Lost account?

    You should have your old account back now 👍
  14. Sean (SM Support)

    Bought coins, can't buy Player from store - This is illegal and a con

    Hey Route1 This issue should be fixed now, so you can "rejoice" and purchase players from the store again. Very sorry for the inconvenience caused, and hopefully you can still buy Boateng, if not PM your account details and you can purchase him through me.
  15. Sean (SM Support)


    What arena are they playing in? Here's the way the new trophy reward system works; Arena 1 = 30 Arena 2 = 30 Arena 3 = 30 Arena 4 = 25 Arena 5 = 25 Arena 6 = 20 Arena 7 = 20 Arena 8 = 15 Arena 9 = 10 If this isn't how it's working for you guys, let me know?