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  1. Keato16

    The Fifty

    Gone but not forgotten ?
  2. Keato16

    Crossbar trick

    I don’t do dms, slide in if you want a chat
  3. Keato16

    Crossbar trick

    Get to bed bud
  4. Keato16

    Crossbar trick

    Pack it in Kane, you’re doing no one any good mate
  5. Keato16

    Crossbar trick

    Don’t worry, I’ll just tag myself... and @Keato16
  6. Keato16

    Fair football

    My favourite Roald Dahl spin off book “Greedy Twits”
  7. Keato16

    Fair football

    I don’t understand this whole “stealing” other people’s players??? You don’t own folk? if they move they move. Surely it shows more about the person who moves rather than the person who invited them. Get a grip babe
  8. Keato16

    Fair football

    I agree, if there was a way to even the lob out, great. But at the moment it’s impossible. alex and the support team should stop firing out rubbish tournaments with rubbish rewards and actually sorry the playability of the game. embarrassing stuff .
  9. Keato16

    Fair football

    Ah the words of a virgin
  10. Keato16

    Fair football

    When players run to their corner then flick the ball up to their striker (which 9/10 shouldn’t even win the ball) every game, it’s an issue. You must be the only one who can ‘defend’ it
  11. Keato16

    Fair football

    If you seriously think the lob ball thing isn’t an issue, you’re in a severe state of denial
  12. Keato16

    The Fifty

    Thanks bro. And very good.
  13. Keato16

    The Fifty

    You’ve done a great job standing in for me as acting President. Now I’ve returned and I demand my throne back. There will be no competition now! pls bro
  14. Keato16


    I agree. I reckon you should stop working on basic tournaments and actually sort out the playability of the game. You’re going to loose a lot of player in the next week if this doesn’t get fixed. Piss take really
  15. Keato16


    100% agree