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  1. Keato16

    The Fifty

    Thanks bro. And very good.
  2. Keato16

    The Fifty

    You’ve done a great job standing in for me as acting President. Now I’ve returned and I demand my throne back. There will be no competition now! pls bro
  3. Keato16


    I agree. I reckon you should stop working on basic tournaments and actually sort out the playability of the game. You’re going to loose a lot of player in the next week if this doesn’t get fixed. Piss take really
  4. Keato16


    You can’t ask for people’s opinions then disregard their opinions 😂
  5. Keato16

    I’m mad

    Removes the skill needed to win a game.
  6. Keato16

    I’m mad

    @SM Support(Alex) I’d like to report a very serious game changing bug, that has cost countless players countless losses. I’ll set the scene... 4-4 Extra Time you’re clear, through on goal. You press shoot and aim for that top corner.... Suddenly the ball pisses off to the other end of the pitch, straight to the opponents striker for them to score. You end up crying and contemplating life. Can we get an explanation to this ridiculous bug? ASAP. thanks
  7. Keato16


    I hope that’s not in increasing order of severity for you. Hope she supported a better team than Tottenham tho! Sorry for ur loss.. or losses
  8. Keato16


    Too much willy in this for my liking