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  1. CFC Denham

    New Update

    Yeah GG. Good to get the win
  2. CFC Denham

    New Update

    new update and the only change I’ve noticed is the layout the letters in chat are different and u have fitness on players. any other changes I’ve missed lol
  3. CFC Denham

    New Update

    Also I’d like my club to have abit more meaning and uniquely different from everyone else’s club. any ideas for this too I’d like to hear as I’ve got a lot of ideas in terms of club unique
  4. CFC Denham

    New Update

    After ever goal you have a 10 second timer where ur keeper has the ball. After that 10 seconds is up and u pass it back to the keeper = penalty shot?
  5. CFC Denham

    New league style

  6. CFC Denham

    New league style

    I’m unaware and I’m sure everyone else is unaware. But does anyone have any idea of what the update will have in terms of league system? If anyone’s played golf clash apparently it’s like that. And it’s really really bad. Also it mentioned the 100 player league again but apparently it’s not as it seems? It may be 100 clubs in the one bracket trying to move up devisions to get to the highest and every season players get relegated and promoted? Which may mean the league system would fail or be scrapped completely - like this Thoughts or opinions pls
  7. CFC Denham

    Shop deal

    39.99 damn
  8. CFC Denham

    Roman Empire

    Sorry about him
  9. CFC Denham

    Roman Empire

    Congrats @Pepsi one of the best presidents as always. GGs Romans
  10. CFC Denham

    Give me Kara 😢

    Weirdest thread ever made? I think not
  11. CFC Denham

    Give me Kara 😢

    no you didn’t say brecci brecci or Else I would have
  12. CFC Denham

    World Cup 2018

    I mean.... called the winners and underdogs as Croatia to the final !
  13. CFC Denham

    Roman Empire

    Yeh very deserved too for sure !! Worked so hard !!
  14. CFC Denham

    Roman Empire

  15. CFC Denham


    Yo why did u give up Itialian Revenge ?