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  1. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    I thought u we’re leaving the forum. Again....
  2. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    Get on with us different from being liked
  3. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    Although u did make me laugh kane. When that jay guy joined my league he was like what’s up guys!! And u just full on went “shut up” I’ll give u that one
  4. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    Well done. You’ve been exposed deal with it
  5. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    U won’t be laughing when Alex sees this
  6. Exposing HkaneLEGEND

    Now. Before I start we have caught kane coming into our leagues before and being a spy. Although spy’s are good at being spy’s he’s not... ur welcome everyone - Toby was his 2nd account and same user ID as Kali.
  7. This game....

    U do realise this game would be more happier if u actually did leave this time? Not being mean or anything but no one can be bothered with ur childish behaviour. Leave?
  8. This game....

    Hkane returning count down starting at T- 2 days
  9. Open season tournament

    Same ughhh
  10. Predictions WC/CL

    Suppose. I think neymar will want to make a name for himself in the world cupWorld Cup
  11. Predictions WC/CL

    Argentina, U think so?
  12. Predictions WC/CL

    Weird I don’t know if your serious or not hahahaha
  13. Predictions WC/CL

    Was thinking Russia myself what’s ur real predictions
  14. Predictions WC/CL

    Predictions. Let’s see if anyone can predict the winner of the World Cup and the winner plus score in the final of the CL and who you think it will be. Who’s your favourites to win the World Cup and Champions League? Think Liverpool have a chance against Madrid in the final? Who’s got the strongest squad for the World Cup? My prediction is in the World Cup it will be a Brazil - France final Brazil to win. Although Germany aren’t looking too strong in friendlies. My prediction is in the Champions league Liverpool will play Madrid and Madrid will get a 3-2 win over a Liverpool in a historic final.
  15. Open season tournament

    @SM Support(Alex) won’t let me play tourneys mate