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  1. To be fair I have noticed willy has been losing his win streaks and trophies never budge
  2. I don’t like the keeper starting with the ball after a goal it’s very easy to lose the ball from keeper
  3. I think it’ll be worse if the cat is de gea
  4. Currently if you match someone straight away they get kick off, if you’re waiting in the lobby at all you get kick off and if you match a bit you get kick off I don’t see a problem with this
  5. Hearts you mustn’t have been that into the league when u were at hakuna cause hkane admitted they used challenges to boost u may have been oblivious to it but it’s happened so deal with it yes we attempted it in our league thought it was funny and a bit clever but then we realised it takes the fun out of it and it’s clear you did it cause as soon as stoller called you out Kane went name one way we cheat and challenges don’t count I know more about your league then yourself mate
  6. My idea to avoid this inter league boosting method would be to make it so you do not match someone of the same league as yourself in challenges if you can make it possible that you don’t match boys within your league im sure this is a credible idea
  7. Have you ever beat be though H
  8. P.s did you take not of all the times I tore you up Kane and the time you rage quit vs me
  9. Yes willy I like matching hakuna guys
  10. And his alt account called JustWatch lol
  11. Honest question Kane if he’s your friend why isn’t he in a league with you
  12. This has all ruined my best season in this game and it’s just disappointing so much gamesmanship it’s embarassing
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