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  1. (FYI feedback from another friend is the Google Play account linking worked for him, so this might be an iOS only issue as I don't ever remember there is an iOS game centre account linkage?)
  2. Hello Alex, Thank you for your reply. As I replied in the direct message, I am still unable to access the game, forever stuck at 50% in the loading screen (even after restarting my phone / the app / upgrading to the latest iOS version etc). As a related topic, I'm wondering for other iOS users, did the Facebook link function ever worked for you guys? One of the biggest issues is I am hesitant to reinstall the app since the Facebook linking never worked for me and my clan-mates. @SM Support(Alex) Please help me look into the issue further, I appreciate your help! Thanks, TeamCC
  3. Hello Soccer Manager Arena Team, I am writing to seek help as I have been unable to access the game for 2 consecutive days already. The loading screen is stuck at 50% forever, even if I restarted my phone and the app in multiple instances. Previously I tried to link my game account with Facebook, but the in-game Facebook link function has never worked for me (and all of my clan mates for that matter). I have a second mobile device but that does not work for me as well, so it leads me to think that my account might have been corrupted, since the devs might be fixing my account as I made a request in the in app help function. Also, about the requests that I made previously via in app help: - I made an in app purchase for the arena 8 special offer pack. Due to lagging issues, I clicked on the special offer for 2 times (both of the transactions went through my credit card), but obviously the special offer was only awarded to my account only once as it is supposed to be a single time offer. - Due to lagging issues again, I have purchased the legendary player Zidane multiple times via the card shop, when I just wanted to purchase 25xp to have him as a collectible. Here is my account information to assist in your investigation: - Club name: TeamCC - User ID: #D2BA53EX - League Name: Lihkg Thank you very much for your help, hope to hear back soon! Best, TeamCC P.S. a big shout out to my league mates from Lihkg. Most of us started from scratch in less 3 weeks and have climbed to 98000+ trophies together the game wouldn't be as awesome without you guys! Hope the game continues in the right direction as we promote it in our local community as well