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  1. Oh I see, that's a good one. Do you mind if I add that to my repertoire of jokes,I could see it going down really well in the right circumstances. Hilarious.
  2. Bit off topic, but why is alex a thief?
  3. Let's hope this stops on the forum then, though this is itself a manifestation of what happens in game. So we can only hope certain people stay away from both platforms and the small number of cancers are removed for good.
  4. You don't get it as you are, literally, a simpleton.
  5. Awww poor Bazza let me get my tiny violin ready
  6. Why did 2 players - Wes and Bazza not have trophies reset? How can others compete if 2 players start 1600 trophies above the reset line!!???? Game is an absolute joke.
  7. You is a Pussy, end of conversation
  8. Shut it Kane you are a rude child I bet your parents beat you, so sad man.
  9. Wow reading this thread and others, so sad that this league Hakuna Mata has resorted to such low and cheap tactics to try to win. Makes me feel sick and violated
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