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  1. Pepsi


    I will not do this too. I suggest only one supercard, because I hate the bots too much easy
  2. Pepsi

    Double Standards.

    guys, I think this path is wrong, hamez and john wrote terrible words, but we must not forget that they were not the only ones. Maybe because we were abandoned by administrators or because we are idiots. I do not know what can happen now, maybe Hamez was punished for all (which I find not right). Although we were not on good terms, I am very sorry for Hamez and it would be the same for John. Racism is a complicated issue, which has nothing to do with leagues but that should definitely be punished! I would propose, first a suspension for 15 days of the account and the second error is implemented the drastic solution of the cancellation of the account.
  3. Pepsi


    πŸ˜‚ say hello to Valero for me
  4. Pepsi


    πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… Arnav is our son!
  5. Pepsi


    Tom, the forum is nice but it's ugly at the same time. I have an example, if I say that Hamez (I'm just an example) is a bad person, a lot of my friends will give me reason, even if you do not think 100%, the same goes for Hamez mates, they they will defend, even if they think he was wrong. This is part of being in the same league, it would happen in every football team. Arnav sometimes exaggerates with strong answers, but it is also necessary to understand that he was targeted by many opponents just because he won. This does not mean that he can respond rudely, but combined with his very young age, certainly justifies it. If everyone tried not to point the fingers at others, this forum would certainly be better.
  6. Pepsi


    Come on guys don't restart please
  7. Pepsi


    I can not translate well what you have written .... Someone is attacking the best and honest player who has ever been in this game? If Gorse hill is bad, I'm Hitler. Praise to the player who made this great game, which has always been there, that has always tried to help everyone. When I started Gorse Hill was the example to follow ... Even today he is my mentor.
  8. Pepsi

    Nice oneπŸ˜‚

    Stop arguing please
  9. Pepsi

    Nice oneπŸ˜‚

    friends, I do not want to feel foolish, I hope and I think it's not racism, but just some idiot who writes ..... I'm convinced that it's not one of the real solidarity members
  10. Pepsi

    Messi, and a Tribute

    This is a great idea, I loved messi before the update, I want put messi in my team and delete the superdybala
  11. Pepsi

    Can I upgrade legacy players?

    john, i don't think.
  12. Pepsi

    Well done πŸ‘

    you missed the chance n. 8765432 to shut up. 🀫
  13. Pepsi

    Well done πŸ‘

    Thank you Fratello! 😊
  14. Pepsi


    When you were the top goals in game during league pack in RE, you were the 10 player as trophies in RE. Now the Real Difference is you don't try because you play only with cards and you lose too many matches for think to try. I never tryed the first place, because: - I played always for the interest of my league, - I didn't deserve the first place, Always there were better players. I told many times, I m not the better player, I m happy if my league is first and if my friend is first. This week I did my normal trophies, I m first only because other top players play less. (thanks guys for this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)
  15. Pepsi


    My soccer balls are broken. I've never used a cheat in my life, I'm 35 and you constantly call me a cheat. Valerolegend but why do not you play something else instead of breaking the football balls to everyone? Switch from one league to another, begging to be able to join you. You've been two months in Roman Empire and you've never seen a glitch, then we kicked you out and you started saying hypocrisy. You said you would stop playing, we told you we were happy with this and you're still here. Enough, enough, enough! Do you keep on passing league by saying that the top players cheat and you think you're doing good at the game? Make your league and stop annoying everyone and ruining the game! Lose in tournaments because we all cheat, you lose in games because we all cheat, you win the games passing the ball to the goalkeeper because we all cheat. But can not you find a game where you have fun?