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  1. Pepsi

    Congratulations “The Outlaws”

    Your every word is toxic, I understand that you do not feel the victory but you want to fill your mouth with great words ... But remember that without the 10,000 king lemmy trophies your 4500 would not have served anything. You're always ready to jump on the winning horse. Take the congratulations and stop writing me privately on whatsapp because you have exhausted my patience.
  2. Pepsi

    Book of the Week

    you are not stating the facts, because there is no WE. You're just trying to make us irritate. Then it's Arnav the bad one .......
  3. Pepsi

    Book of the Week

    but why did Arnav write these things? maybe because for two weeks these supermen swear at a 13-year-old boy? however we are all the day that we congratulate you, now I'm tired. good week guys
  4. Pepsi

    Congratulations “The Outlaws”

    forgive them Damo, but they do not find the thread congratulating, they prefer to spit the poison they had accumulated over the last months. Thanks Meezi, for noticing this thread.
  5. Pepsi

    Leaving Football Clash

    You are a great boy Zaman, we often had misunderstandings but you have always been straightforward with me, and I appreciate this. I hope you'll come back
  6. A great champion, this is the only thing I can say. you will miss us all, I hope you will soon return even if only as an opponent, you will always remain King Lemmy fratello.
  7. Pepsi

    Book of the Week

    You have to teach me how to play .... you're in debt! Then maybe I can beat you like you do with me now
  8. Pepsi

    Book of the Week

    exagerate! what do you do? booklifting?
  9. Pepsi

    Book of the Week

    what is the truth?
  10. Pepsi

    Book of the Week

    tom, usual speech, remember when you were an Italian revenge, do you remember what bothered you? the great boast of the various players, we congratulated you and we told you that it is nice to have valid opponents, you instead attack us or try to denigrate us. The style is the same as those who wrote in their own description "first from 2 weeks" until writing "we were first 2 weeks ago" Let's start from the beginning again. Congratulations guys, you did a great Sunday, if 5 of us had not been out for work would have been even more beautiful and fierce. Next week we ask for holidays and we will try to do better. I'm joking, I give you my sincere compliments and we knew that this day would come, because there are so many top players in this game that are not part of Roman Empire, and surely this will only be the beginning of a good battle that will last in the coming weeks.
  11. Pepsi

    Book of the Week

    how do you think the fifty have stolen the first place in Italian Revenge and created their kingdom lasted even 5 weeks 😮 ?? They were the third / fourth league then in a week they became first, surely it's because they all started playing.😂😂 Roman Empire was born from the fusion of Italian Revenge and 2 leagues just born from the split of United Nation .... and the first week we gave 15000 trophies of difference ... imagine if we had joined the Zaman Goal Nation, who were at the third place. We have always played like friends, certainly not for beating someone only in the last day. This is the difference between us. History is not made of words, history is made of numbers.
  12. Pepsi

    Book of the Week

    Anyway, congratulations, I was satisfied with this week, you made us understand that if all the rest of the game pushes to the maximum, manages to make only 2500 points more than Roman Empire. I hope you will stay together for a long time so finally we will have a real opponent. The next week maybe we also push 😏
  13. Pepsi

    Book of the Week

    😂😂😂 You think we would be so stupid? Exactly what would have changed, you would have been prime anyway because you had one less player. We left The Wizard of Oz at 01:00 ... It was yours surely then. 😂😂😂
  14. Pepsi

    What is this in tornaments ??

    Oh my friend, you aren't a trash player, I m not a trash player, they are not trash players,... There are formations better against other formation, connections better, players maybe better, etc. etc. This is a game, many fantastic players in each league, all happy, all nice, all want do this game better.... Maybe this is a dream, maybe this is the truth, maybe will be.... Sure I'm in RE, sure dark is an outlaws, sure rik is an solidarity... Surely we will be nice people in different league.... Surely will be happy antagonists in this game! With my small love.... Good game guys! 😎 W LA FIGA (Curbera docet)