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    Lost or Replaced Accounts - Please read

    We are aware that a number of users have experienced an account being replaced with new data. We believe we have now identified the cause of this issue. We have also created a tool to recover the original account. In order to have us do this please submit an in-game report using the Help option: (Settings > Help/FAQ > Click the chat icon in the top right of the screen) Please include the following information about your original account: Club Name: Manager Level: Trophy Count/Arena level: League name(if applicable.): Please set the title of your account as "Lost Account" We are very sorry about the inconvenience you have experienced and thank you for your patience.
  2. SM Support(Alex)

    Reward videos

    No user with over 4000 trophies will see the post game reward videos. The aim is to move users in lower Arenas through into higher Arenas. The Cash rewards can still be gained by all users from the option in the SHOP page.
  3. SM Support(Alex)

    New bug found.

    Did the game just load in this state or was there an event or action performed (e.g. tactical changes) prior to this?
  4. SM Support(Alex)

    Matchmaking server downtime

    Hi, I know many of you are aware of the downtime experienced on Saturday. We had major server problems on our matchmaking service starting at 05:30. Our technicians were unable to resolve until the evening. We are aware that some users continued to have the ability to enter tournaments that never began. We have identified all of those affected users and will reimburse any lost credits shortly.
  5. SM Support(Alex)

    Tournament/Retry login

    This new update contains a number of bug fixes for tournaments. Most notably the Retry Login error that was occurring. If you do continue to see the issue please let me or the mods know.
  6. SM Support(Alex)

    Update available.

    Hi all! We're happy to announce new update for Football Clash All-Stars Android - v2.0.10s iOS - v2.5 Mainly consisting of bug fixes for tournaments; - Tournaments bug fixes and optimisation- iPhone X optimisation and fixes- Match - Bug fixes - Goal Keeper coming out of Area - Match time decreased for Arena 1 & 2 You can read more here: at our blog
  7. SM Support(Alex)

    Tournament/Retry login

    @Wes can you confirm whether you have received the update to v2.0.10s(Android) / 2.5(iOS)?
  8. SM Support(Alex)

    Purple Players / Bug???

    I have sent you a PM regarding your account details for investigation.
  9. SM Support(Alex)

    Announcement - Moderators

    Hi all. I would just like to make everyone aware that we have looked to the forum community for some support in keeping the forum a place of quality discussion, suitable for all. The first community Moderators are; @Gorse H @Stoller I believe all current community members will agree that both have proven themselves as respected players of the game and members of the forum community. The role of moderators is to ensure the content and behaviour is appropriate and adheres to the forum rules. The moderators are not employees of Soccer Manager Ltd or Football Clash All-Stars. As such they have no access to or influence over development plans, server maintenance or any other business decisions. Thanks!
  10. SM Support(Alex)


    The changes made this morning were an emergency change, action was intended yesterday to define the new entry and rewards to balance prevent the trophies running out of hand once more. A cost was turned on and the players limited to the arena level of the tournament, as Bare has suggested to ensure there was at least some cost associated with entering the tournament, along with the players allowed being brought down to match the Arena to further even to playing field allowing the clubs from lower arenas better competition. The awards are now increased and a new tournament released.
  11. SM Support(Alex)

    Persian Gulf disbanded

    Forum account, game account or both?
  12. SM Support(Alex)

    Goal Keeper Free Pass

    There has been a lot of discussion regarding the use of the Free Pass(swipe) from Goal keepers(GK) to the forwards. Enough to prompt a review on the feature. The developers are looking at reducing the consistency of the Free Pass from a GKs hands resulting in goals. However, the tactic is seen in all forms of football at all levels, so it is not something we want to remove completely. The GKs who are able to use the PASS BOOST ability were designed to represent this choice in style and as an ability would be limited in the number of uses available while also being more vulnerable to attacks as the other GK boosts were sacrificed. As such this will remain as it currently is.
  13. SM Support(Alex)


    Can you confirm that this issue has persisted since the initial report?
  14. SM Support(Alex)

    Maximum friends

    If it is generally agreed more are needed then it can likely be changed.
  15. SM Support(Alex)

    1 year anniversary

    With the rollout of tournaments in the latest update we have aimed to ensure the stability of the feature along with gaining some fast early feedback we can act upon during this first week. While the Trophy count has become higher than was foreseen, the reasons are understood and has highlighted a key issue regarding how open tournaments can be in the future. For those competing weekly to reach the top 5-10 we appreciate the frustration that an advantage has been given to those with more time over ability. As I have said in a few other posts we will be levelling the playing field on any widely available tournaments or having the long term, high arena players competing in separate tournaments against their equals rather than meeting users without players good enough to compete.
  16. SM Support(Alex)


    An entry cost will be put on future tournaments. This first week is free while we ensure the stability of the feature and make final tweaks with feedback such as trophy rewards. This varied entry cost and access restrictions will limit the number of tournaments each user plays as we believe they will return to the ladder matches to top up on Pack unlocks and cash.
  17. SM Support(Alex)


    The implementation of new tournaments will not require game updates. The way they have been introduced means our team can create tournaments, with alterations on the entry requirements, rule sets and rewards, on the fly or planned well in advance. We are going to keep a selection of tournaments available at all times. These will have simple rules such as: Unlock at Arena 5 Can only use players from Arena 5 and below Aside from those you have mentioned there is also the very relevant Football calendar I believe will be utilised, with this year being a World Cup year, we have the ability to restrict entry to the squad being limited to a single nationality, or at least 5 of the 7. I don't have access to the current plans, but I am lead to believe this, like you suggest, is the best way forward.
  18. SM Support(Alex)


    This is under consideration at the moment. You must play 3 games, some of which might extend into penalties. Therefore by playing a tournament you are sacrificing your ability to play maybe 4 Ladder matches (approx. 100 trophies depending on opposition). This is the thought process behind the earning of trophies through tournaments. We wanted active tournament players to still feel as though they are able to proceed through the Arenas, opening up new tournaments. During this first week there is only a single tournament for everyone from Arena 4 to Arena 9. This can mean that the regular top 50 players who have unlocked most if not all the players have a huge advantage over those on Arena 4. When additional tournaments are opened with further restrictions, those playing at Arena 8 and 9 will find themselves against their equals (at least in progress terms). At this point we expect the trophies will be shared more evenly. We initially wanted to ensure there were enough active users for everyone to be able to find a tournament and give us the feedback.
  19. SM Support(Alex)

    Tournament stats

    Cheers guys. We are considering removing the Tournaments entered and just having how many are won. Thoughts?
  20. SM Support(Alex)


    We did consider the inclusion of League Goal contributions but wanted to keep the two separate for, at least, the initial release period. We will review this based on feedback and wait times for tournaments to fill. While there is only 1 available tournament we wanted all users with access (Arena 4+) to have a chance of winning. Eventually new tournaments will be created and the entry restrictions will be suited to your current level. Although we believe demand for the level playing field will remain high, were the advantage comes through the players you have unlocked and your ability.
  21. SM Support(Alex)


    The current entry cost of the available Tournament is free. The reward values reflect this. Going forward additional tournaments will become available with varying entry costs, different rule sets and improved rewards to match. The rewards are subject to change during the initial release period on the Rio Beach Tournament as we receive feedback and analyse data we collect through use.
  22. SM Support(Alex)

    Tournaments Update

    Hi All. A new update is now available! iOS - 2.4 Android - 2.0.9 This new update contains the long awaited tournament feature. Currently there is only a single tournament available: "Rio Beach". This tournament shows an example of the rule sets and potential rewards that will be available going forward. The entry cost and prizes are subject to change during the initial release period as we review the feedback and data. Please provide your feedback! Good Luck!
  23. SM Support(Alex)


    Updates are rolling out across all platforms now. You should have access soon. Please check your App Store/Play Store for your version number. After the update the app version should be iOS - 2.4 and Android - 2.09. Access to tournaments is rolling out now and we expect the wait time to reduce over the course of the day.
  24. SM Support(Alex)

    I CANT PLAY!!!!!

    Users who had previously applied to test the BETA version of FOOTBALL CLASH and haven't opted out since may have been playing on a new BETA build. This would explain lag and performance issues some users may have experienced. The build is now being rolled out across all platforms and you will not be moving onto the production servers.
  25. SM Support(Alex)

    League chats

    Have you reported this issue through the in-game support? They will be able to see the necessary information to help directly from the submission, if the issue has continued.