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  1. Keep the faith, can easily happen
  2. Also, well done to RE, was a great competitive week, fully enjoyed it, thought we had it at one point, hope you guys enojoyed the competition as much as The Fifty did!
  3. Very early days, all can change in one day, but best of luck to all of you.
  4. Ohhhhh he’s special alright?
  5. Should drop that age to ten, that way morrison won’t be able to play.?
  6. Even so, let's say the league size did drop, wouldn't you want a more competitive top ten? Rather than having the same old top three, top five, top ten, near enough in the same position as the previous season. and if only 25 are completing it, how many do you think will complete it if the league doubles? I'd say around five, players will get annoyed because they can't get in a top league, and the current league they'll be in, can't complete it because it's not active enough, then that player will leave the game, and so on..
  7. Having 100 member leagues would be complete overkill, at the end of it you would probably have 3-5 active leagues, full of players if that, and as you've said in the past gorse, there isn't many active leagues anyway, and only a handful finished the 10/10 league pack, let's say if the leagues did get smaller and went to the 25-30, you would have more leagues full of 4K+ trophies players, leaving the top ten being more competitive, rather than having the same top three week in, week out. Personally, I'd love to see the 25-30 player leagues to see what it did to the league leaderboard each week. Would be interesting wouldn't it?
  8. Well played man! I want to see that at 20000 next week
  9. Best league on the game!! How's fifth??
  10. Kane, he did get a chance in the fifty, he came and asked for VP after being in there for two seconds and and left because he got told no basically
  11. If you're so bothered about CMC talking to his league, I think you should do the same to yours, endless amounts of players in your league using the glitches, don't tell CMC to do something if you're not going to do the same
  12. No idea then bro, worked for me that's all, hope you get it sorted!
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