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  1. Left gn to run my own group think you’ll find that a different ball game
  2. Yh stoller your a hypocrite don’t like long ball then nick my player coz of his trophies and his goals in pack
  3. Just the fifty boys then
  4. Does any have a problem with my game cmc does
  5. Kane my group is active packed 10 every time this group is young and still finding feet after all it only 15 day old and the other in top 5 are experienced groups
  6. Lol Yh but u don’t no him like me he get hot headed then simmers of
  7. I have one feeder that active and it for good players with low trophies to improve and join main group what you on about Kane
  8. What do people think of my group
  9. Mine too fifty the most respectful group in my eyes run by the best player I’ve played
  10. Is anyone else having to reload page to carry on chat on you groups chat page
  11. Each to there own Kane if u see eye to eye y don’t u join gn just asking
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