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  1. CmC

    We need help

    good to all, if anyone can help us, is entering our league one that is dedicated only to insult, every time I expel it comes back, something I do not understand since the league is supposed to go by invitation, and I wrote for the game in the help section, if it is solved quickly because it is very annoying
  2. We will have to see how everything goes with so much change, what I want is that they have finished with the real mistakes, but the 100 players per league seems crazy, they will leave the game with only 2 or 3 active leagues, I am agreement with Zaman leagues of 25 would be much better
  3. There are a lot of legends that could enter Henry, Bergkamp, Cantona, Puyol, Raul, Xavi Hernandez, Figo, Rendondo, Roberto Carlos ...
  4. I will not continue discussing this because it does not help, I hope everything is solved soon and we can continue enjoying the game, I will repeat it to everyone in my league and I hope you respect all those who respect them, greetings to all and for what you need me here you have me
  5. Zaman I do not say that all the blame the developers have, but if they eliminated the possibilities of doing this, there would be no problem, if we are the presidents of each league we have to solve this, forget about my league, go to yours and solve it and when you do, you worry about my league again. I can also give the names of many players in your leagues, but I'm not going to name anyone 1 to 1, let everyone solve their own first, and I'll repeat it again, to those players that you call cheaters the Every day you invite them to join your league, so I'm very surprised that you have that negative opinion of them when you want them by your side.
  6. No problem with you Pepsi, Of course you can talk about all the topics that are and make all the constructive criticisms that correspond to improve the game, but if in a general problem we have all the leagues you specify only mine I do not see that it is a constructive criticism. The problem is that we have all leagues and it is normal because every week many people come and go and I can not know how each of them plays, to everyone who enters I ask that I always have respect against everyone. I've played many times against you, against wes, against gorse .. I never had problems with anyone or use any trick, many times you win me and some even less win I hahaha. As I say I will talk to everyone and I will say it again so it does not happen again and I hope that the developers of the game are the ones who really solve this. Sorry for my English level and a pleasure to play against people like you.
  7. Jose is already informed, I hope he changes it
  8. I first forgive because I do not speak English so I hope it is understood. I've been playing this game for a long time and I've never had any problems with anyone and that's still going to be, but I'm not going to let you talk about my league as a league of cheaters because it's not, Pepsi says some of my league do it, you tell me who they are and I'll talk to them, I hope you do the same with Lucas, Ole, .. and more people in your league, what I'm not going to come to is a forum to criticize them, And you Zaman, I can tell you the same, look at your league before talking about others, apart I am amused that you criticize and then these 24 hours sending invitations to all. As I said I will not argue with anyone, my league has grown little by little, without having to do 5 secondary leagues, without having to do 5 profiles to be in other leagues, without anything that was done and I read here many times . Greetings to all.
  9. CmC

    10% load

    Lo que no entiendo es porque hay gente que si puede jugar, porque me llegan invitaciones de amistad por notificaciones, mas de 24 horas sin pasar del 10%
  10. CmC

    10% load

    Todo sigue igual, no carga mas del 10%...
  11. CmC


    New league, help me please we need
  12. CmC


    Estamos empezando toda ayuda sera bien recibida
  13. CmC


    Nueva liga internacional de habla hispana para personas con ganas jugar
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