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  1. So what did you say to me @Zaman
  2. I think it’s just inappropriate and disrespectful....
  3. I don’t find your post funny at all
  4. I played few times that stroller I agree with @Gamer1871
  5. @Stoller it’s not you it’s “stroller”
  6. Bazza1967

    It’s time to stop this!!!

    Still waiting for an answer from @zaman
  7. Bazza1967

    It’s time to stop this!!!

    @Zaman still waiting for you to tell me who’s the fifty guy who hasn’t updated yet
  8. Bazza1967

    It’s time to stop this!!!

    Its lemmy there’s no peace and love with him ... 😂😂
  9. Bazza1967

    It’s time to stop this!!!

    Zaman tell us who’s this fifty’s player please... thank you
  10. Bazza1967

    Crossbar trick

    U forgot the bazz 😂😂😂
  11. @John Holywell imagine us at your level playing vs top guys and we couldn’t lob... so just stop it
  12. @John Holywell why don’t you just start not to use lobs?? You will benefit from that
  13. 99% sure @Lemmy provides you some drugs @John Holywell.. you clearly don’t know what are you talking about..
  14. Bazza1967

    Loading stuck on 10%

  15. Bazza1967


    Lol.. I love uou