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  1. You could make sure that the attribute cards are valid only when you challenge a real player, while if you meet his bot the cards have no effect, even though it is not impossible to beat a superbot anyway
  2. @Sean (SM Support) can you remove the manual passage to the gk? in this video when I passed the ball to my gk, then I tried to drag my defender from the side but accidentally my gk in his place manually passed the ball out to the wall, please remove the gk’s manual pass, it is not possible that while dragging one of your players accidentally passes the ball out to the wall just because the other one was close. DC3C8B40-FECF-48E9-A8CE-60A7F4C1086F.MOV
  3. @Sean (SM Support) is it possible to make the boost button, like the slide, activate only when the ball is near? Because it's really annoying when you drag your players in between and accidentally press the boost button on the slide even if the ball is far away. I tried to move the button on the left but I find myself bad because it is more suitable for those who are left-handed.
  4. @Sean (SM Support) explain to me why those situations happen when you press that **** shoot button, the striker then shoot himself into the 3D screen, without even giving me time to shoot manually, I'm not talking about time expired because you have 2 seconds to shoot, It's really annoying because of these situations I'm going to lose the game for a stupid goal, 2 tournos lose for this motive ?
  5. @Sean (SM Support) Tell me what the hell happened, I've never seen such a thing, because of this bullshit I lost my streak of 65 wins in a row beyond the game itself, I understand it's only a game but it's not fair anyway, his player was in 1 point and after the sub it suddenly popped up in the middle stealing me the ball. 8D9612E1-C8C9-47C5-B00D-2CF84E3A0EC6.MOV
  6. @Sean (SM Support) you can it could be add the option to deactivate the target’s shot? it's nice but for me it's very annoying because it is too big and it makes me confuse and makes me shoot wrong
  7. @Sean (SM Support) why every time you have to ruin the game with this bull before the central boost button and then the viewfinder of the shot? I hope you delete it because it is inaccurate as well as making you mistake and mistake the shots
  8. @Sean (SM Support) please reset the old boost button as it was before, it's really annoying when you have to defend because you do not see your central defenders and you're unable to drag them, giving way to the opponent to make the direct passage to his striker, while you can not do anything to prevent it because of the central button that prevents you from viewing
  9. Quiet if yours was a gesture of solidarity everything is OK ??
  10. it is sad that some players take advantage of these tricks after they fix the long pass, but if you were in agreement you had to put another kind of reaction.
  11. For @Gorse H What is your problem that you always put the reactions with the face that cries in each of my posts?
  12. @Sean (SM Support) do something to fix this crossbar trick, which consists in shotting from the midfield above the crossbar so that the ball then ends at the second striker who then scores easy with the gk out of position. After the long / lob pass has been fix that fortunately no one does anymore, now some players are using the crossbar style to win easy knowing that you can not do anything to prevent this. I hope you do something as soon as possible because it is becoming annoying.
  13. @Sean (SM Support) please return Ronaldo in the shop as it is rare to find it, at least to give way to those who yesterday because of the loading stuck 10% that lasted for hours and could not take the xp to enhance it in time. I have Ronaldo at level 3 and I had the opportunity to upgrade it to 4 and instead now who knows when you put it back in the shop, as in the packs you find xp of useless elite as usual
  14. @Sean (SM Support) try to solve things as soon as possible, I was collecting money on purpose to take the Ronaldo xp from the shop, given its rarity in appearing in the shop, I would like that by the end of the countdown take the xp needed to upgrade it
  15. Babux


    To all those who use this damn lob pass, you are the downfall of the game, do you like to win easy? without this you do not know how to play and score, so you use the lob pass because you know it's impossible to stop even if you put 100 defenders. I hope that the presidents of the leagues will take measures of their players by throwing them out, I prefer to have players correct and clean in league rather than people who play dirty. @Sean (SM Support) @SM Support(Alex) Did they bite your tongue? why do you never respond to user feedback? when will you do something to fix this damn lob pass impossible to stop? It's getting really annoying by ruining the game. (sorry for the outburst)
  16. @SM Support(Alex) change the entry price because 50 coins are too many, not all have 50 coins including those with low trophies as they are the majority in tournaments. I have just converted 500 coins into money to upgrade players, but now I can’t play because I don’t have enough coins, i have to wait weeks because since in the packs you give it a misery and I will never spend real money to buy coins or anything else for a game, in addition to the fact that there is an infinite wait just because not all have 50 coins. So change entry price so that there is less waiting and can all play
  17. Babux

    The Fifty

    Copy paste translate Valero ahah
  18. Babux

    The Fifty

    No problem per la faccina è giustificato, in teoria nn lo uso mai il lob pass, li è stato un tentativo disperato dell’ultimo secondo anche per il fatto del passaggio fallito per ronaldo tempo prima e per il mio portiere che ha buttato la palla in automatico, mi ha fatto sclerare e quindi mi era partito quel tentativo disperato ahah ma alla fine hai meritato. Cmq mi trovo bene nei fifty e poi è anche uno stimolo per sfidare gli IR dove giocano tanti ottimi player con cui fare belle partite. Se andassi li, l’unico modo per sfidarci è attraverso un amichevole
  19. Babux

    The Fifty

    Ciao Pepsi, nn mi faceva scriverti in privato, cmq bella partita e ben fatto, son stato sfortunato ero convinto di riuscire a fermare le tue 50 vittorie di fila ahah, non mi capacito quel passaggio che ho fatto a ronaldo e lui nn e riuscito a prenderla, avrei avuto l’occasione di segnare, poi il mio portiere ti ha passato la palla in automatico e li è svanito le speranze, spero che fixeranno sta storia del portiere, nn e possibile che debba buttare la palla in casino in automatico regalando all’avversario l’occasione di segnare, cmq sia bella partita in ogni caso, ci si becca in game
  20. Babux

    LOB PASS!!

    You're right, I'm not a programmer even if it were possible the offside in this game by phone would not make sense as with fifa or pes for obvious reasons. In any case, I hope they will improve and solve these feedback we are talking about, to make the game even more fun, more chance to attack and defend in other ways etc.
  21. Babux

    LOB PASS!!

    I agree if there was at least one way to try to stop, at least they should try to balance to give both to defend and to score, I can tell if one of you is wrong passing or shooting and you see your striker only forward then try the lob pass for once, although I think it would be nice if they implemented the offside. Exactly, if one moves his player before you press on the tactic, you risk that your gk passes the ball to him and then score, exactly as you do when you get a bots that the gk passes the ball after tot of seconds even without tactics after you had scored earlier, after the tactics should give at least a few seconds to give you the choice on who to pass giving way also your players to position themselves well.
  22. Babux

    LOB PASS!!

    Maybe you could make sure that the ball does not exceed half the field for those who try to lob pass with the defender starting from his defense, you could accept the lob pass short and to do this you have to go down more, so you have more chance to stop it. Also because in reality it is unthinkable that a defender is able to make that long lob pass starting from his own door to the opponent. The game should be say more realistic. The fact of going back I also do it in reality, when you close the space and then go behind it to make it turn the other way. Another thing that bothers me but here we are off topic, is the fact that when you win a contrast your player does not take the ball and you are forced to use another of your player to catch the ball or ends up to him again despite winning the constrast, and especially after the annoying replacement that the gk passes the ball automatically without giving you the choice first.
  23. To all those who use this method of lob pass, you are ridiculous, you know how to play just so to win easy knowing that it is impossible to stop. What kind of way to play is this? why not play properly, playing with real football respecting the opponent instead of sending emoji @SM Support(Alex) I hope you fix as soon as possible to stop this method because it's really bothering you
  24. sorry I meant 20 coins
  25. @SM Support(Alex) I want back my 20 trophies lost in the tournament without having even played
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