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  1. Tahmid

    Fixture replays

    Yeah same here, it worked for a while and then it stopped working. It's a great feature of the game so we all want is as soon as.
  2. Tahmid

    If Stoller was in the PL

    Lol well said Stoller. hehe west ham u kno
  3. Tahmid


    Greetings, I would just like to announce that the Holy month of Ramadan has begun and I wish all the Muslim players a very special Ramadan. Those that also have exams during this period (regardless Muslim or not) I also wish the very best of luck, I also have exams LOL. Special thoughts go to a player called El Gato Gordo, as his mum is very ill and all our prayers and thoughts are with her and their family.
  4. Baseless arguments, I don't understand. If people want to play some boring style of football AKA cheat mode let them, we know who good players are anyways. It's their tactics, their choices and their lives let them do what they want. BTW I don't like certain tactics too which makes me get angry, but I just deal with it.
  5. Tahmid

    League rename Italian long balllers

    But some people tell me they use long ball against me maybe because I use the angry emoji a bit too much. I'm not really sure myself.
  6. Tahmid

    League rename Italian long balllers

    I don't really have a problem as I genuinely love beating them. I dont dislike anyone but its a fun opponent I must say.
  7. Tahmid

    Coins Refund

    I've already tried to inform you about this matter, but I will still continue to do so until the matter is solved. The tournaments have a problem which is widely discussed. The "Please wait" and the "Loading" often had made me lose connection to the tournaments that Ive played in. Sometimes it worked fine, if im being honest, however many times it hasn't. Over here I have one example of many upsets that have occured due to tournaments. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, Android, Version: 6.0.1 and live in London, England. Please do return me the coins I have lost as it was a big amount, but I would be forever grateful, and I'm sure it won't be a problem.
  8. Tahmid

    Final tournos stuck on loading

    Where is the in game support?
  9. Tahmid


    Does anyone know how long it takes Alex to reply your messages? Ive messaged him yesterday about the tournament issue and me losing coins. Do let him know guys if he is talking to you. Im trying to get into contact with him.
  10. Tahmid


    When did they reply to you?
  11. Tahmid


    Bare you are a wonderful president. It's all because of your decision I am in this incredible league, but atleast im happy your coming back. Hope whatever it is, it should be dealt with very quickly.
  12. Tahmid

    Tourney bug

    @SM Support(Alex) I have had the exact same problem and it's used 120 coins. One from the Captain fantastic tournament and other 2 from the French Open tournament. I have a galaxy s5 and I have clearly lost alot of coins and i'm very desperate to get back I've heard that you have helped regain coins for others and hope you can do here too
  13. Tahmid

    10% load

    Hiya I believe there is a continuous problem with the loading of the app as my phone too doesn't allow me to access the game as it is always stuck on 10% been like this for a long time and needs to be fixed please. I use a galaxy s5 and everything else in my phone is fine
  14. Tahmid

    Matches/Opening packs

    To whom it may concern, I've been trying to play a match today or even a training match and it looks for a person and then cancels by itself. In addition sometimes when I try to open a pack it's never loading and then disappears and yesterday my NEXT free pack was in 11 hours. Please try fixing this! Btw android user