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  1. Tahmid

    An unnoticed disadvantage

    No worries. Anytime man 🖒
  2. Tahmid

    An unnoticed disadvantage

    Your welcome but for me it ain't exaggeration. I was worried you would quit but thankfully your not your just gonna have a rest. Lol also for me it doesn't matter where a player is in the leader board it's about how they play and how long they've played. But anyways do get a rest.
  3. Tahmid

    An unnoticed disadvantage

    Come on man your one of the best players in the game don't leave.
  4. Tahmid

    An unnoticed disadvantage

    Now its about whether @Sean (SM Support) and the developers would listen to us or if they would just blank us like sean did to me last time on private message. This idea should be hugely considered and this topic that I have brought up shouldn't go in vain.
  5. Tahmid

    An unnoticed disadvantage

    I think I understand your idea and that idea to be fair is actually amazing. If we all have 2 seperate controls ie the boost button on the left or on the right then the topic would easily be cleared and everything would be fine for everyone. That really is a good idea but we all know what the problem is, @Sean (SM Support) and the developers have to listen to us players. As far as im concerned, if we have this idea of 2 controls then everybody will be happy.
  6. Tahmid

    An unnoticed disadvantage

    Alright then for him its better, but most people would agree with me that the boost should be back to where it was.
  7. Tahmid

    An unnoticed disadvantage

    Your not left handed are you? My goodness what happened to reading comprehension.
  8. By T1 I would like to talk about a disadvantage which has come from the recent update.As you guys know there has been a lot of changes, but I will be talking about one from a different point of view. The position of the boost button has changed, and it has gone to the right hand side. Not only does it block a part of your screen whilst you are defending, (which in itself is very bad), but it also does something else for certain players. We are all either left-handed or right-handed! I am a left-handed person. Therefore implying that I use my left hand a lot in this game. The fact that the position of the boost button has changed means that I have to rely on my weaker hand (right hand) to deal with certain situations. For example, if i'm trying to save a shot I have to press the boost button with my weaker hand and then move the goalkeeper to where I anticipate the shot which I usually do with my right hand anyways. The time taken to do that is longer compared to before when I could press the button with my left hand quicker and move the goalkeeper with my right hand to dive for the shot. Every second counts in this game and due to the fact that it takes longer, its a higher chance that my opponent has scored from the shot.That could even be a decider for any game. This is not just a concern for me but also other left-handers that play this game as well. Lets say I was to use the boost button with my left hand to do something, the problem is I would have to move my hand to the other side of the screen,as the boost button is on the right-hand side, which then blocks half of the screen as well. In addition I feel very awkward when I am playing as I have to continuously move my left hand all the time from one side to another. I know that many people also have a problem with where the boost button is so our points and targets are clear. Please move the boost button to where it originally was before this update happened. @Sean (SM Support)
  9. Tahmid


    My Koscielny was a level 7 superb card and now he's maxed as a green card that "surely" makes sense smh anyways im going to talk about another topic regarding the update 😂
  10. Tahmid

    New Update

    @Stoller Can you please read my private message?
  11. Tahmid

    New Update

    thanks guys, he wasnt at full fitness. Problem solved.
  12. Tahmid

    New Update

    Guys my varane is maxed but his stats is lowered even from when he was maxed as blue
  13. Tahmid

    New Update

    @Stoller@Sean (SM Support) Please reply to my private message, thanks.
  14. Tahmid

    New Update

    Well alright I understand that rule then totally accept it but Ive encountered a huge problem with the update which i hope will be fixed
  15. Tahmid

    New Update

    Wrong m8. If that was the case then when Kane was blue and he was maxed he was converted to a maxed purple card so your saying that should change too???