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  1. Tahmid

    Solidarity Ridiculous

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the point is why do certain man care. I mean if it's not true then you know it's just people messing around so just let them . Mind your own business please.
  2. Tahmid

    Leaving Football Clash

    Tom Flight, Toxic somebody is having a laugh
  3. Tahmid

    Leaving Football Clash

    Good luck and wish you all the best too. Helped me develop into a better player and a better person much appreciated and see you around
  4. Tahmid

    What is this in tornaments ??

    What a neek smh
  5. Tahmid

    Giving XP to maxed players

    Hi the same thing has happened to me twice Please can you fix this. I've also reported of other elite xp I was supposed to get from packs but I didn't get them.
  6. Tahmid

    My ideas

    Like a full time beg you are. Only thing you do in a day.
  7. Tahmid

    My ideas

    You know what let's throw in another glitch that will actually help you beat those crazy bots. Message me directly for more info. As we know lots of ?? present so do be careful too.
  8. Tahmid

    My ideas

    Its not stupid. Players are there for a reason and they can be maxed end of.
  9. Tahmid

    My ideas

    nosy don
  10. Tahmid


    Looool Well you can't really play Gorse unless friendly/tournament
  11. Tahmid


    I can use the emoji but not for the comment but on the right
  12. Tahmid


    Idk y this forum is not letting me like or use any emoji for a comment now. Weird
  13. Tahmid


    Exactly. Some people think they are always right and others are wrong. How can somebody say it's your "leagues nature" which is something pathetic to say really.