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  1. Some people just lie far too much, Ive had it longer than anyone , and I know its not an achievement but oh well, never needed a 'break' from the game
  2. Who had it longer than him before he left
  3. Why are we even arguing about his record, it's not even his anymore...
  4. yeah we love scoring goals, dont think Il get past 800 in the near future 😂
  5. Well he states facts what can he do
  6. It's always Goal Nation thats forgotten....
  7. And Goal Nation 😂😉
  8. Hes coming home, Hes coming home, Hes coming, Denham's coming home. 😂😂😂
  9. He yawned me too in 2 games I dont yawn back, but instead beat him both times as I aint being a prick
  10. I agree with everything you write my bro. There's just one thing though I'd like to say. If the leagues were to be given rewards for where they finished then inactive people can just join the leagues barely do anything and then get the rewards unless they get kicked obviously . Far too many individuals are the ones that boost up the rank of the leagues not the entire league contributing as much as others even if they did score 5 goals in the lp etc. Anyways the idea is great but would it be implemented because we know that this game would always progress very slowly due to things.
  11. I don't want my post to be ignored it will be completely unacceptable if it does
  12. Tahmid


    This game has seen players be racist to alot of other players unfortunately and things need to happen in order for this to change. Nothing more should be said, rather action must be taken @Gorse H
  13. asking wayyy too much impossible, Messi had that boost before when the game first came out so he should still have it like the others do
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