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  1. My intention was to raise a method of cheating (let’s call it what it is) to the developers. Hopefully i’ve done that.
  2. To summarise my thoughts (and other people may have already said this e.g. Tehran who made a great point) there are glitches in the game which give players who aren’t very good opportunities to win easy. This shouldn’t be the case and there should be no easy, sure-fire way to score a goal. The developers need to look at improving these aspects of the gameplay and hopefully most players will get bored of winning by these methods. However I know if I was definitely going to lose to someone who was better than me at a game, I would also do anything I could to win, so action really has to be taken by the developers. Presidents can discourage this type of gameplay, but as mentioned before, people will take no notice as long as their method is working. The ideal would be for people to play to their ability and not cheat - but that’s not gonna happen, so the developers need to step in and sort the gameplay out to remove any option of cheating.
  3. I just played viic from Hispana. Chip pass every time, boring. CFC maybe you wanna have a word or something.
  4. It’s very boring isn’t it. Can’t be fun doing it either.
  5. I agree, I didn’t really want to criticise/blame any particulars leagues, I just wanted to draw attention to a way people are cheating in the hope that it helps get it sorted quicker. Although I feel if you do know people who play like this you should try to discourage them from doing it.
  6. Good idea! Doubt anything will happen but good idea anyway, call some of the boring players out.
  7. You’d think so, but if they hit it high enough over the bar then it seems the keepers don’t catch it and it bounces off the back of the arena and always lands at their other strikers feet. Very annoying, hopefully you won’t experience it any time soon but if you do you’ll see what I mean.
  8. I’m not sure whether it’s a certain formation that it works with or if you shoot towards a certain area, but I played a game before and I couldn’t stop it. If I hadn’t have had the ball drop on my side at first I’d have lost.
  9. Yet another annoying glitch people who aren’t very good at the game are exploiting, almost didn’t wanna post this because it gives it a bit of publicity, but it’s another piece of gameplay that needs sorting ASAP. People have started shooting over the bar from just over the half way line and for some reason it always seems to fall to their second striker after bouncing back into the arena, so they have an open net. Even more annoying and less skill required than the lump it up stuff. Sort it out or good players are gonna stop playing.
  10. Oh right haha, might have a mess around with them
  11. Can anyone tell me what data packs actually do? I’ve never found out. Is there actually a difference between them? Who made them? I literally have no idea what they are
  12. Game needs sorting so people can’t stick ronaldo up top and hoof it up with Godin and Rolando gets it every time just outside the area and scores. No chance for defenders
  13. What’s lewandowski’s shot like? Not really used power shot before.
  14. T.Silva & Bonucci at the back with Vidal on the bench. Kane and cr7 up top with Suarez on the bench. Tackle boost and rocket shot still working fine for me so sticking with them.
  15. I start both in my team haha ?
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