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  1. Pepsi is a good guy... I have tons of RESPECT for this guy
  2. It’s ok Zaman. I was online everyday but I live in Hawaii and our time zones are different. But seriously it’s ok. I’m not mad I’m just frustrated that nobody notified me. And please don’t get me wrong... I wasn’t unhappy at Goal Nation. I was just happier with Goal Kings
  3. I temporarily joined United Nations just to make them rank higher than Goal Nation. Hey Stoller... would it be possible to join ur league? I know u invited me a while ago and I decided to stay where I was but if u have the heart to accept me now I would be very grateful. Especially since it was most fun for me when I played with u guys before
  4. Not to mention I made vice Pres the same time as u and I willingly gave it up to better the league. I was humble enuff to do that for the benefit of the team. That’s what u call loyalty. I was loyal to Bare cuz he openly invited me the league the same time as u. I should have just stayed loyal to Goal Kings and followed them to The Fifty.
  5. Zaman... I was able to fix my internet but I am still taking care of my mother. U could have told me that u were going to kick me out. FYI u must have noticed that I make ur minimal limit at the end of every week. U kicked me out in the middle of the week. How was that fair?
  6. I wouldn’t believe Zaman. He is a major backstabber. He kicked me from the league after I told him multiple times that my mother is dying from cancer and I was having a hard couple of weeks with her in the hospital. I’m actually happy I’m gone. I don’t need all their games that they play with other leagues.
  7. Stoller! U remember me bro?
  8. How do u apply for the beta?
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