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  1. People still moaning about this game lol if you havent worked it out sm dont care about the game its been shelved for other ventures! If you lot put your phones down and open your doors theres a big wide world out there waiting for yous! Dont be afraid kids yous can do it i have faith! And tom you cant argue with ghill hes a moderator you know hes always right and if hes not he will lock the thread.
  2. History states that john is correct. Marrying someone aged 6 when your 53 is wrong on all levels
  3. Game should get rid of cards and abilities and just have player stats
  4. G.hill is just clashes dogs body they cant be with forum so g.hill does it for free lol everyone should play brawlstars its way better than this
  5. Multiple accounts commenting twice on same thread funny guy
  6. Woof woof some one is very salty since i beat him woof woof
  7. 8765432 attempts and no1 fantastico now in next few weeks you will hardly play
  8. Maybe we dont like the fact alot of players are cheating to get where they are
  9. Difference is i dont try i have a life
  10. Pepsi will be no1 this week after 8765432 weeks of trying hehe
  11. Lemmy i never said you were cheat dont talk rubbish. And ghill dont be going to other players telling them you are just waiting to get me banned from forum. Ive reported this also trying to bully and abuse your position will mean smacked bottom. And i loved that win vs you! Your very poor since you have all max player and i hardly have any hehe
  12. Lots of players in top leagues openly admit to cheating! Lots bragging they have over 1 million in cash from generating multiple packs. Certain players have been reported sad
  13. Forum is more of a joke than game
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