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  1. Predictions WC/CL

    Brazil - Liverpool Got my cash on it already 💪💪 Wish me luck...
  2. This game....

  3. This game....

    Kane, I'm glad you think you'rethe man dude. Actually Denham asked for help to get rolling and I did help him and went back. Are you just pissed that Eu is cating Lost Legion in 3 days? Cute kiddo
  4. This game....

    Kane you gave them 48 hrs about a week ago. What happened to that one?
  5. Local Leaderboards

    Yo I know that this maybe isn’t the most important thing that needs fixing right now. I think it’ll be very handy to have Local leaderboards released. People who try to make leagues in certain languages could find their target audience faster and it will make people compete for the #1 spot in their region. @SM Support(Alex) Tell me what you think about it. Esteghlal Tehran
  6. Open season tournament

    Totally agree, haven't played a single tournament bcs I lack the gold.
  7. Free packs

    It still says 'Free packs can be opened every 4 hours'
  8. European Union - UN Partners

    Good thread bro! UN/2, EU will grow bigger and bigger every day.
  9. Announcement - Moderators

    Gz stoller and gorse! You guys deserve it.
  10. WE HATE YOU!!!

    Well the thing its impossible to make an autistic 13 year old kid act like an adult. You are the reason why games like this die out, why people that are older than you hate you, why people quit the forums, why developers don't give a damn about our opinions, why people don't take your league serious, .... Kiddo you'll never win this discussion. Go play roblox or make your homework? Maybe draw something idk what you usually do.
  11. WE HATE YOU!!!

    Yea and I said I would help you.
  12. WE HATE YOU!!!

    @SM Support(Alex) When is the delete happening?
  13. Help?

    The best thing to do is to check top 50 players their teams. It will help you alot.
  14. Tournaments

    spended 200 coins lagged out both? I usually never lag out
  15. Persian Gulf disbanded

    Both please Nah joking sorry