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  1. Tbh I don’t understand what you’re saying here. You mean like add a stat that shows your win/lose ratio?
  2. Took you already too long.
  3. You know I don’t play right? Lost access to that account a week or so ago. Support still not responding. ?
  4. I like the optimism Tahmid. I really do. Just prove him wrong then.
  5. Boy o boy when is this bs gonna end?
  6. Good job finishing first again! Gratz
  7. Who am I to talk about that. Just noticed that GN was third on leaderboard so I figured something was wrong then I saw that UN had lost 5 key players.
  8. Suprised you didn’t notice bcs usually you are the one making these statements.
  9. Its not a merge, but yeah... I can understand the frustation.
  10. You sound like someone familiar right now
  11. Since when are you The fifthy’s mascot anyways? You said you didn’t play a long baller why make a topic? Those people complaining have their own voices. I think everyone already knows about these long balls. Just try to live with it untill there is a solution.
  12. Good night brother. Thanks for at least not doing it against me. I did just play one long baller this week and he wasn’t part of IR. They might just play normal against me because I know them. Not sure. Even Lemmy doesn’t use it against me fair play to him.
  13. Nah, forgot to look at that. We’ll find out if he ever reacts to this.
  14. I know man, but I truly think it was him. Wasn’t 100% sure so posted this to see his reaction. ?
  15. Well I think that I saw an emoji don’t think so.
  16. Wow hudson, you didn’t use the long balls. Respect for that! ?
  17. Its terrible luca didn’t get a reset and he got 27k trophies gifted ? @SM Support(Alex) wake up dude
  18. This game is just too easy for this level one dude. ??
  19. Lemmy why you stopped lobbing once you scored your first when I was 2-0 up? You recognised the name didn’t you?
  20. Yea idk, I found out they were bugged haha
  21. Just stop the discussion Lemmy. Its useless. Stop playing the long balls and I’m 100% sure bazza won’t waste time. Easy ain’t it?
  22. Please don’t pull off the same thing stoller did. Not funny anymore.
  23. Bazza no need to prove yourself. We know you’re a good player. Too scared to say bro haha
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