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  1. Get a new English translator
  2. Probably because you’ve been in every top 10 league possible
  3. You noticed that the servers arent working and your active here so thought you might have comeback
  4. Sipahi doesn’t chip against me and he is one of the best in the game so i dont see why you are disrespecting him.
  5. Long balls are realistic but its not realistic that the striker wins it everytime. I think there should be a challenge determined by strength as Messi shouldnt be winning long balls over boateng. Secondly Passing around the back is realistic teams don’t just pass forward cause its entertaining they wait for the right pass. Bazza holds the ball and had 75% possession and scored some very nice goals but its not impossible to defend as i beat him in the counter which happens in so many football games. Bazza holds the ball to open space and wait for the killer pass. However there are those who try and time waste. These players will only not improve at the game and when a player realises and presses high they will lose the ball in bad areas costing them a goal.
  6. InSane

    Fixture replays

    I and many others cant see the replays of their games and share it with the league. It was a nice feature so hope it gets fixed
  7. I was wondering as its annoying to see Nike Academy spelt Nike Acadamy
  8. InSane

    League chats

    Maybe your right but i tried 3 different connections. I wanted to reply to someone but now it just looks like I ignored them.
  9. InSane

    League chats

    Why cant i message my league. I press Done or enter and neither sends the message to the league. I can still donate and view replays but cant message
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