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  1. KemoCono

    Vidal on football clash

  2. KemoCono

    What is this new bug? 😂

    The game is unplayable, it's an absolute joke at this point, can't play anything.
  3. KemoCono

    Unpopular Opinions: Players

    To be honest, me being around since this game started, the top 100 players have always been the ones who set the Meta of the game, there has been a lot of Different tactics adopted, initially people used to use defender with Massive strength, then it was defenders who can play long balls behind the defense @Gorse H would know the "kemo pass" i came up with that abused the mechanics before the big patch, now its sliders. Dont expect players who have been playing for a few weeks to be as good as players who have been here since release. Sliders arent overrated, they are just abused, some tactics that work in the top bracket arent necessarily what a new player should follow but they do anyways, it's normal, it is better to have an ever evolving player controlled tactical field than a restricted lane, i have been experimenting with a new strategy and i abused 1k trophies out of it
  4. KemoCono

    Add these Players!

    We Need Clarification to what's going on behind the scenes in my opinion, as players that put so much forward for this game, we should atleast have a roadmap to what is coming with predicted timings, ALL GAMES have a roadmap with atleast Quarterly updates, that would make it better, i also think they should do an ask the community pole, where they open a thread for suggestions with a DEVELOPER in it so our opinions are heard.
  5. KemoCono

    Add these Players!

    I was thinking about Legacy Fabregas after he left chelsea, it would be meaningful imo.
  6. KemoCono

    Add these Players!

    True, won't deny that, however, i think he is worthy of a card, compared to players in the game right now, he definitely is better than MANY existing defenders in the game.
  7. KemoCono

    Team Of The Year!!

    i think it would be hard for them to implement for the simple reason that one player having 2 cards will be confusing during nerfs and buffs and stat changes! also might have an impact on the unfair side of things. I was thinking about players with Unique Special abilities coming as tournament specials, like example, Add Kepa (Chelsea) with A New and exclusive rush boost, where he can rush the attacker once he is close by, tackling him and instantly clearing the ball, if the attacker shoots, the keeper will be either close enough for the save, or too far off the line that he can be curved, things like that.
  8. KemoCono

    Team Of The Year!!

    I completely agree with you, they should introduce limited time cards through tournaments, it will reward good players and give us something to grind and wait for, even if it isnt toty, Example would be releasing a Legacy Fabregas (he left chelsea) through a tourney.
  9. KemoCono

    Add these Players!

    It really shocks me that they avoid adding Azpi and Opt to Manolas, however, i get from my POV i am Biased because i really like the lad. About the Legacy Players, Shouldnt they Go on sale one last time before their are outed, i still don't have Pepe and considering i am in arena 9 it makes the odds all the more difficult to pack him. I think Kante is going to turn less effective after this update, dont get me wrong, stat wise and head to head he will dominate, but that slide tackle monster we once knew, He went from 6 to 4 to 3 tackles, albeit his overall stats are going to be way better, a well deserved upgrade.
  10. KemoCono

    Team Of The Year!!

    For example, TOTY Salah: Unlock-able through a Tournament His TOTY card will have only 1 level The TOTY card will Have the base cards max stats Boosted in certain areas, with a better special ability In Salah's Case : Increased Shooting, Pace and Dribbling, with a more effective Rocket shot! To counter making this card Overpowered, it will only be allowed to activate the boosts twice with a slow recovery rate post match! I want your opinions on this idea as i really like it on paper!
  11. KemoCono

    Team Of The Year!!

    Examples would be, Boosted TOTY salah for last seasons performance and winning best African player! Boosted TOTY Modric, his record this year speaks for itself Boosted TOTY Mbappe, a young talent that broke into the toty this year i genuinely think this would be an interesting idea, and would open the gates to new cards only released through special events, and to avoid the upgrading and grinding issue once the tourny is gone, the player unlocked has only 1 level, which is the core players maxed stats boosted!
  12. KemoCono

    Team Of The Year!!

    Considering the best individual awards for last season have been given out almost in their entirety and UEFA's Team of the year has been announced, dont you think We should get special cards attainable through tournaments, a completely new card of the same players with boosted stats, i think a Football Clash Team of the year would be a great idea, maybe even voted for by the community, the fact it would be only obtainable through tournaments makes it all the more special.
  13. KemoCono

    Add these Players!

    In my opinion, these players deserve a place in this game, Legend - Zola and Pele Defender - Azpilecueta with Slide Boost, It is beyond me how a defender so consist and reliable isnt in the game, azpi has literally played everywhere in the backline and has started almost every game since he signed from start to end, took the arm band of Cahill and Terry, He truly deserves a card in the game. Striker - Timo Werner Striker - Icardi Defender, Legacy John Terry
  14. KemoCono

    Unpopular Opinions: Players

    I genuinely like Maxed Out, Legacy Alonso as a super-sub, his stats and power up are simply outstanding when the opponents players are tired and you are looking for the final goal, considering he is a defensive midfielder with high defensive attributes yet is able to pass with almost 100% accuracy makes him a mindless must on my bench, not a starter though
  15. There are some definite great cards in this game, some overused beasts, some stat monsters and many with great power-ups however, every now and then i come across an obscure card and it usually performs well, my question to you is, what cards do you think are under used but great and why would you say so?!