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  1. GG @TomFlight, it was a stressful pushing havoc last week, you came out on top eventually, respect bro! 😛
  2. KemoCono

    0 XP From Pack

    This is irritating beyond belief, I need XP for 7 other elites and this is what I get, is this some joke? This happened three times before and I ignored it because i hadn't taken a screenshot, this time it really is bothering me, I want a fix for this now. @Sean (SM Support) @SM Support(Alex) @SM Dev (Sam) @Gorski @Gorse H
  3. @Gorse H, I don't want to attack anybody but has anyone realised the 3 Game Support Staff haven't been on Since July of last year, that's over half a year since they were last online. Real quick question, do the game support actually check our opinions if they haven't been on in so long? it's as per their profiles, is there anyway to inquire about them? Did they give up on the game?
  4. I don't want to argue with anyone, so this is my OPINION, Top Leagues are on top no because of only "inactive 4k players" they are also top because loyal players who have been here since 2016 are still here recruiting, teaching, pushing and helping players. The reason Roman Empire is on top right now is the fact that many players in the league are experienced players who have been here for a while. As you may have seen, Many *other* top leagues who had inactive 4k trophies...well, didnt last very long, the fact that some leagues held up this long and stayed strong is the fact top players kept it alive. Secondly, United Nations was one of the big leagues at the start of the game, I remember that most of us original players all kind of connected there before spreading out to different leagues, so all credit to the President there for keeping it going strong till this point, recruiting high potential new players. "Doing Well In the League Pack" is a very good way of judging players but let's be honest, not all of us are gonna be able to fulfill the 6.5K asking of the league pack, let's consider that Roman Empire and Solidarity, the 2 leagues with most experience on the game barely finish the LP on the last day with all their skill and talent, it's hard to judge a league by their performance in an LP, Yes a lower league might have a higher LP but that makes them potential prospects to move to bigger leagues, it's the cycle in game, the smaller leagues make bigger players who end up in bigger leagues, atleast 60% of the time. Anyways, I dont want you to argue with me, if I am wrong it's your opinion and I respect it, just trying to have a voice out here.
  5. Good point, I didnt think that through. You are right @Lemmy
  6. 35 sounds good if it was to be dropped in number.
  7. Making Leagues Smaller will honestly Kill the game further, competition in the top bracket is pointless, its all about forming big groups in the lower tier to learn, 50 beginners together can learn faster than 20 together, this change benefits us, to top 10 Leagues not the new comers, if anything it slows their progress.
  8. They Have to make keepers more reactive lol, the amount of times the keeper stays rooted to the spot and unable to save a shot like someone glued him to the ground, well the developers really need to fix goalkeeper AI, make keepers more responsive, more reactive, because right now, keepers are literally saving 1/10 shots which is kinda pointless knowing games have 5 goals max, a save is very rare and even worse, When a John Stones Scores a screamer cause your keeper was glued lol, most annoying thing in the game honestly.
  9. 2 Topic I wanna address and get your opinions for; A.) Pass Boost for Keepers in this game is an utter, utter waste. I can see where this would fit if the gameplay style was different or how this can link into a players reallife footballing but a Keeper with Pass boost in kind of pointless, Neuer for example with 96 goalkeeping is absolute waste, yes these cards fair well in low level play, Neuer is pretty much godly against Non-Boosted shots but once you reach the bracket of skilled players, You basically skim the game to 4 Goalies: Buffon being the most useful, with oblak and courtois close behind and even De Gea or Allison. I want to plead for the removal of the Pass Boost from goalies as it pretty much ruins any point in over 3/4th of the Keepers in game, I am not saying give all reflex and goalkeeper boost but be creative and come up with GoalKeeper special boosts; one that springs to mind is Handling Boost, basically a boost that instead of deflecting the shot upon saving it allow the keeper to handle it and hold it. But the pass boost is ridiculously useless, I have barely seen anyone use it except for the lols, it's basically death sentence to any keeper, And some of the affected are Neuer and Ederson. B.) Oblak should become Elite considering he has one of the best records, conceding less goals than clean sheets he kept, A worldclass keeper that deserves to be up there. After Neuer's intense dip of form and lack of consistency, and after his save rate dropped from an average of 80 percent to a Career low 45%, i think it's time to either turn 33 year old Neuer into legacy or downgrade him for good. We are yet to get a legend goalkeeper and for that i suggest that who ever it may be, Maybe Iker, has the new goalkeeper boost, Handling or whatever it is. Lemme know what you guys think about my suggestions
  10. This topic is probably the priority fix for the next update if this game was to go further and get bigger. "Manager Cards", in other words, How to ruin a game. From my conversations with many of the high ranking players, I have identified the core issues and multiple perspectives and in this post I would like to give a break down to why the system CANNOT go any further. Let's start of by looking at the reason Manager Cards were added, Well, we know that any game studio would like to add a "Pull Factor" towards packs to increase revenue, and I respect that, because after all, the work put into this game and the fact it's free makes a good reason to add Micro Transactions to earn money. Why am i pointing towards packs you may ask, Packs are the main place you can get Boosts and you get better packs. And I know many might argue that the boosts are also in free packs and can be easily earned, and here is where the second issue arises. Let's say these weren't added to increase revenue, because let's be honest, the pricing in the store is ridiculous for coins, I wouldn't mind actually supporting the developers if they made the prices more reasonable, because the price of the Biggest Purchasable Pack can buy you 2 AAA Games. Let's also assume that these Boosts are easy to get because they can ALSO be attained in free packs and silver packs and goal packs. Well there is another issue...they are OVERUSED and OVERPOWERED, 2 words that should NEVER be in the same sentence in a video game, Because let me remind you of the Parent developer to this Game. "Soccer Manager" : Tactical, managerial games with huge focus on skill, a developer that has created 2 other games in "Soccer Manager 2019" and the long running "Soccer Manger Worlds" both of which are skill based games. If we follow up on this footprint, it makes absolutely NO SENSE to add cards that gives someone an unfair, skill-less, cheap advantage, Many top players lose game unfairly because to opponent had certain boosts which won the game, they didnt have skill, they had boosted stats, Unrealistic. This system is what Gamers call. Pay To Win, even if we don't pay for it, the fact a packable card, with a random drop rate, with a random stat, from a pack that is attained at random can be used to change the balance of the game? Nah, No one really appreciated that. And to make matters worse, they let you use, THREE OF THEM, 3, stackable, boosts, that is insane, it has ruined this game for what it is, it has killed any need for skill, as a player can simply use a +40% all attributes. Moving to my next point. Even if these were to remain, and were supposed to reward players who open more packs...atleast make the boosts logical, PLUS 40 ALL ATTRIBUTES? PLUS 30 PACE? PLUS 30 TACKLING? and worst even if the fact you can stack those and end up with plus 70 PACE AND 70 TACKLING, ABSOLUTE NONSENSE. If these were to stay, nerf them, Plus 10 at most, even then it gives an unfair advantage. Another nerf is to decrease their uses into ONLY ONCE for all, Make it harder to get all Player boosts and allow only one boost at a time. Let me remind you all of the time we had The point system, I hope they return that, because then, you were assigned points, everyone was assigned points. The same. fixed. fair. amount of points to increase certain stats permanently, that was a fair system that i would hope returns, because that gives the player a thing to think about, to increase you strength and pace to defend or shooting and dribbling to be more attacking, that is the way i want things to be, i would like to believe other players think the same too. Please, I plead for all of US players, dedicated fans, and loyal supporters, Please Remove Manager Cards, if this boost system was to remain either HARD nerf it or return the old more favourable system.
  11. Just a question... HOW DO YOU HAVE THAT MUCH CREDIT AND CASH 😮
  12. The game is unplayable, it's an absolute joke at this point, can't play anything.
  13. To be honest, me being around since this game started, the top 100 players have always been the ones who set the Meta of the game, there has been a lot of Different tactics adopted, initially people used to use defender with Massive strength, then it was defenders who can play long balls behind the defense @Gorse H would know the "kemo pass" i came up with that abused the mechanics before the big patch, now its sliders. Dont expect players who have been playing for a few weeks to be as good as players who have been here since release. Sliders arent overrated, they are just abused, some tactics that work in the top bracket arent necessarily what a new player should follow but they do anyways, it's normal, it is better to have an ever evolving player controlled tactical field than a restricted lane, i have been experimenting with a new strategy and i abused 1k trophies out of it
  14. We Need Clarification to what's going on behind the scenes in my opinion, as players that put so much forward for this game, we should atleast have a roadmap to what is coming with predicted timings, ALL GAMES have a roadmap with atleast Quarterly updates, that would make it better, i also think they should do an ask the community pole, where they open a thread for suggestions with a DEVELOPER in it so our opinions are heard.
  15. I was thinking about Legacy Fabregas after he left chelsea, it would be meaningful imo.
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