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  1. Woooow... After almost 4 weeks, 1st Purple Player... I dont know if Support Alex do something or not...
  2. At this time and in the rank I'm, starting to be unfair because I always play against 4/5 purple players ... It's almost done 3/4 weeks I play the game and I only have Vidal from the facebook pack and Kane that I bought in shop by 6k ... ?
  3. Well after more 4 days open packs continues the same... 0 purple players... ?
  4. @Gorse H where i can do that? With 3 weeks playing i only get Vidal lol
  5. Well, something is wrong, I do not understand what is going on but I do not get any purple players (any pack), even in the goal league pack (9/10)... see the image. First I only get Vidal, as soon as Vidal was in level 5, I never get more purple players. Anyone can help me?
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