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    Why is it i just won a game 5-1, the game crashes(i had to restart the app) and the win didn't count!!
  2. Just want to say sorry for the ranting but this game can be very annoying when the BS happens Thanks
  3. i was on the defensive when the challenge was a draw and the other team kept the ball, so it can't be about defending. also what is the point in having a goalkeeper if even if you dive the right way its still a goal, i mean the other side gets to shot in an open net it appears yet on the other hand its like i am against several goalkeepers in one net(i have Courtois lv 4, so surly he should be able to stop one, i mean i even use his ability and still there is no stopping the ball). why is it when their keeper throws the ball out it just looks like it is bouncing in one stop which causes my keeper to leave his net, which in turn gives them an open goal!!! whether on 4g or Wi-Fi these issues seem to happen regardless of lag. like i said this game has the potential to be great, just like all games but developers rush it out bugs and all, and don't give a f**k about the people who play it. i mean they have a fourm, i bet they will not reply to anyone. another big F U to the players, but turn about is fair play once the players start to leave the game, the money tree that is this game will die, and the developer will become jobless. Karma!!
  4. The one good thing about this game is it is free to play, if it weren't i would be asking for my money back. Now i understand no game is without its bugs. but how about before adding content you fix the game first and not break it further. why is it when i have the ball and a challenge is a draw, the other player gets the ball, then when i challenge the player and it ends in a draw they get the ball...How is this fair, i lost the ball every draw. why does the footballer not moving after a goal is scored and the keeper throws the ball out to that footballer, only for the footballer to let it go by for the other team to get. why do my footballers run away from the ball or run and hide in the corner of the pitch when the other team is on the attack, i am starting to think Vidal doesn't want to play 5 aside any more, in fact it seems to be a defender thing i think. "oh no here comes Ronaldo, run away!!" why is it when i win a challenge, the other team can have a footballer right next to me and steal the ball without a challenge? if i won the challenge doesn't that mean i still have the ball, yet it seems to become a free ball for the other side to pick up (no i was not slide tackled before you ask) why is it when i press the shoot button outside the box a defender can challenge me first, yet if the role is reversed the other team can shoot first? why is it i press to pass the ball to another footballer, it doesn't happen no matter how many times i press, i swear there was one game i pressed to pass to Kane like 3-4 times and nothing happened...actually i tell a lie there i lost the ball in a challenge that should not of taken place as i pressed to pass first, maybe the ball was super glued to my footballers foot or maybe none of my footballers like Kane why is it when i shoot on goal it hits the post, yet when i shoot at the post it goes in, again shooting mechanics! whys is it i can put all my power into diving the right way with the keeper the other team still score, is there butter on the ball and it slips under my keeper...why is there butter on the ball!!!!! i could go on but it is late, look you have a good idea for a game here, and when it works its an awesome game to play (just for the record i don't mind losing to a skilled player), but when the BS above happens i just want to uninstall the game and throw my IPhone 8 in the bin and move to a desert island where i cant be tempted to play this game ever again
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