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  1. Are you drunk fratello?
  2. Hi. I want congratulate all solid players for the fair play and just play to score goals in a few minutes, never hog the ball and never pass the ball to keeper. I want congratulate too Meezi and Xavier the two current best players in game. Well done. Regards.
  3. i keep the ball to try find space to score, if you defend good i keep the ball, i know why you did this, for me is ok, if we draw the game, is ok too. I don't complain about this, i'm just telling Meezi.
  4. Hi, After all of this, explain me, what you want? do you want that i let you win easily? how can i play? each one of us can play like we want, Mayank, Lemmy, Denis and many others did the same against me, what can i do? play next game. I never said I'm a top player, i just play for fun, not to be first, or to get 8k each week. Yes i kicked you last time, because if you wanted ask Arnav, you didn't need join us. Regards.
  5. I would like the prizes for top 3 in leaderboard, clubs and leagues.@Gorse H i agree, personally i don't have time to play until 8k, but i can understand some guys, if you play a lot of games, you will reach 8k even with bad prizes. I just don't understand why complain about games dead, and still playing a lot of games.
  6. In my opinion they should remove cards, or do like pepsi said, remove emojis, put prizes for top 3 leaderboard, in leagues and top 3 players, nobody understand the point of divisions, put legend xp in 13/13 LP, new tournaments every week. This is what i think. P.S. Yes, sometimes i play with cards, like all of us.
  7. Kemo, good points, i'm happy with your return to the game, and giving new suggestions. I agree with you about pass boost in gk, is non sense, time to change oblak, ter stegen maybe courtois too to purple, put a legend as a keeper, but the keeper should defend more, sometimes even if you dive to the right side, you can't save the ball. other times if you don't dive he save the ball.
  8. Well said @Tameez Seedat. I don't understand, if some people don't like the game, don't like the updates, don't like the glitches and bugs, why keep playing? Just to complain about everything? Regards.
  9. Ok. In first days of update he had 2 stars, they fix now. Thanks.
  10. Mbappe purple has 2 stars too. Fix the players guys. We are waiting for a good update, we don't need more bugs or glitches. @Sean (SM Support)
  11. New players? 2nd acounts? Who knows...
  12. Hi. I agree with you. We have other thread with sugestions of new players. Icardi will be in new update, that will come soon. We are waiting for new update.
  13. Thanks. I was lucky. The best players in game in my opinion are Arnav and Karpis.
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