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  1. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Add these Players!

    Hi. I agree with you. We have other thread with sugestions of new players. Icardi will be in new update, that will come soon. We are waiting for new update.
  2. Thanks. I was lucky. The best players in game in my opinion are Arnav and Karpis.
  3. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Solidarity Ridiculous

    There are things that never change.. Solid people think that all they do is banter. But there are things without funny.
  4. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Lost account

    I'm waiting a reply since 15th december about other issues.. @Sean (SM Support)
  5. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Lost account

    you should write in game support, in settings, help/faq, then write a message to them with this information. they are late in answer our questions, i hope your son can recover the account.
  6. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Tournament issues

    Lol. Like all threads...
  7. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Tournament issues

    Each one use who want.... You don't like him, don't play with him. Simple. We don't have to agree with you. I like salah.
  8. Tiago Trafaria Soares


    The game isn't dead, who want play keep playing, who don't want stopped. I saw some of retired coming back, so the game is still good for them. And after update the game will be the same, just with more players to max. Regards.
  9. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Merry christmas

    Hi all, First of all, we are real persons playing a game, and that's it, just a game, each one of us play in different leagues, we are rivals, we have hate for some players, we don't like the play style of some guys, we don't like bugs in this game, the glitches, etc.. I know that some of you don't like me, but i want to wish to all of you a merry christmas, enjoy this time with your family. I play since March, so i hope next year in this season, i still play to wish you again. Regards.
  10. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Other tournament bug

    Like you can see in screenshots, and after me and mayank reload app many times, this happens. Why tournaments has a lot of bugs? @Sean (SM Support) you should focus in fix all of this bugs in tournaments, because a lot of players like this tournaments but with this bugs some people dont play. Regards.
  11. Tiago Trafaria Soares


    Yes, i hope this time they convert maxed blues into maxed purples. we have to wait for the update.
  12. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Congratulations “The Outlaws”

    Well said, like always Damo.
  13. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Book of the Week

    Congratulations for this season. You deserve the winner, well played. Im waiting for the chapter 2 of the book. See you in arena.
  14. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Book of the Week

    This is very important what are you saying.
  15. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Book of the Week