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  1. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Bots impossible to beat

    Do the same! At least is not a easy win against bots.
  2. Tiago Trafaria Soares


    Pep you are a real good guy, and deserves all respect in this game! Like you said this is just a game, and there are players since 10 until 40 years old playing this, so the most important is respect the oponent, you can win, you can lose, you can do a long ball, the other can keep the ball all game and score in last second, this is just a game, obviously all of us prefer win, but RESPECT is the main thing! As i told before, if the devs deleted the emojis of this game, this game should be much better. Regards PEP!
  3. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Division Problems

    Can you colect green pack?
  4. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    How you imagine this to work???

    I already wrote about this. All bots are crazy with this cards. I understand you. Regards.
  5. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Division rewards

    I don't know, i didn't realise anything yet, for me i think the xp from packs are the same.
  6. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Division rewards

    Hi. Anyone know about the division rewards? In last week, people who got promotion or stayed in same division don't got any xp. In ultimate says, +140% XP, what is this? increase xp in packs? increase xp in your players? in league pack? @Sean (SM Support) can explain please. Regards.
  7. Tiago Trafaria Soares


    Nice point. I think should be possible turn off replays too.
  8. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Manager cards

    Hi. Guys what are your opinion about manager cards? All of us played against some bots, that are like aliens, some cards (+40%) in some atributes are crazy, some players are faster and stronger than usain bolt and mike tyson. Im joking a bit, but i think some cards put players with unreal stats and almost impossible to beat. Regards.
  9. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    The Future Of Football Clash

    Update first, of course. We are waiting since the end of august, then 10 september, then 17 september. I think after this update, and before thinking of doing something new, heard the people who play this game every day, and do some of this sugestions. Btw put new players on tournaments. Regards.
  10. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    The Future Of Football Clash

    Good post Damo, you are really good with sugestions. I think marketing is the most important thing to do. After with better prizes more people will play for sure. Regards bro.
  11. Tiago Trafaria Soares


    The only way to do this is when you max the palyer keep the xp, if you still have some left. And any news about update? we are waiting, this game needs new features to motivate people. Regards
  12. Tiago Trafaria Soares


    Hi. I think we should be able to donate xp even when you maxed your players. It would help the new players to develop his team. I hope you can rectify this in a future update. Regards.
  13. Tiago Trafaria Soares


    Hi I think there will be a new update available soon, in my opinion would be good if you take off the emojis from the game, because this is the start of problems between players, you yawning or put an angry face all the time is annoying, i think this don't bring nothing to the game, just become the game childish. This game is played by persons since 10 until 40, so we don't need this emojis to play. I hope soon this disappear from the game. Regards.
  14. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Game not loading

    Reboot your phone maybe.
  15. Tiago Trafaria Soares

    Arena 9 Cup Points

    Like Arnav told you, join a league and you will enjoy more the game. There is a new league for begginers, could help you improve your game. Enjoy. Join Colonia Romana.