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  1. Don’t know where you got a angry impression from a 5 a side game 😂. Listen if i seem angry its at myself and my stupid mistakes
  2. Of course best player on the game is subjective players struggle against different styles. Thats the positive about the game i just want to play the best in arena (unless I start getting a good winstreak) and learn from you guys to get better.
  3. 1. You insulted 3 of our players 2. Dont care 3. Lies I expect better from you meezi.
  4. Trafa doesn’t call himself a top player hes very humble.
  5. This isn’t even a debate. Hamez has proudly taken this prize. I bet Morrison is disappointed to see someone else become more toxic than him
  6. The biggest mystery is whats the point in Divisions. We thought that would be prizes for most active instead it has a pointless percentage which is supposed to help packs. Prizes they have now would be decent, however, lazy glitches allowing everyone to easily get level 12 and maxed players means those prizes are useless
  7. I just mess around with bots. Do all green teams, all defenders, just new players rainbow squads etc. Sometimes they are overpowered sorry. However the worst bot will always be Mayank it is broken.
  8. Yes we need new tournaments consistently and players. Manager boosts should go. Rocket boost could go but another option is making the keepers better like actually saving the near post finish from a ridiculous angle. Like milan used to say near post is unstoppable which isn’t good to be honest. Lastly we need new players maybe there are but they stop before reaching 4k. I think the game should put the effort into advertising like they did last year feb/march but we should also not just blame the devs and look at ourselves as a community. If a new player comes and takes a look at forum imagine the impression we give
  9. Did I specifically say you? Calm down start thinking
  10. Please this is football clash forum not political clash forum. Go and join your local politics club if it makes you happy and you can share your debates. On another topic please add new tournaments the game is better with good tournaments and as @Jazzsaid manager/boost cards are a joke.
  11. This is a Solid issue both hamez and john were your players when these comments were made.
  12. Its boring coming here criticising Arnav. No one ever mentions the good things Arnav does especially for his league.
  13. Im pretty sure your in no position to threaten getting anyone banned as I remember Sean being eager to ban that guy who changed the description.
  14. Gorse has done more for this app than all of you combined. All the problems with app has nothing to do with him.
  15. Well i guess for the last 22 weeks we should have come over to you and stated “facts”. Win for a day or the next 4 months you still wouldn’t have class
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