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  1. calm


    issa “swear” word not one to call people out but get a grip zaman
  2. nah i get that too, its meant to be a problem with iphones so if u dont have an iphone then its probs ur connection
  3. take it eazy ont zambeezi lemmy
  4. love it there can be a topic on someones opinion of a bug and eveyone will start arguing its jokes really isnt it?
  5. what about varane because if he gets donated ill just pop in to say hi every 8 hours
  6. calm

    The Fifty

    the guy we brought in late sunday had below 4100 trophies and we told him to try push for 4200 and he did so its happy days basically
  7. calm


    all good lemmy big man, the vodka done you dirty tonight u will be okay in the morning just shut your eyes and dont go towards the bright light
  8. serious now, germany to win harry kane top goal scorer
  9. senegal to win and courtios top goal scorer
  10. was just being nosey because as soon as everyone left there was 2 new leagues created (game over, usual suspects) so that makes it seems like there was 2 groups disagreeing in the league
  11. why did everyone leave may i ask?
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