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    Ban him it’s time already to do that...! 🤗🤗🤗
  2. 3 months ban from forum be nice punishment! ban me... but please ban John give as peace ✌️ for 3 months of his posts 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  3. Red star is not club like you have in England !!! Red Star don’t have owners!!! that is club made 1945 and that club belongs to every single Red Star supporter!!! i am one of members in board who represents supporters as ( 20 funs are in ) and we also speek about club stuff like for example if we don’t won’t some player to play for as club... he cant be brought to red star.... we speek about thing in club how need to work we also have staff what we sell Shirts hoodies scarfs etc... and for your information that pic what I post here is made from my friend photograph who make pictures and videos of DELIJE SEVER my group !!! How we sing and our choreography and piro but you don’t know nothing about that !!! so pictures what I post are not Red Star it’s about my group DELIJE SEVER and I am one of leading figures on NORTH STAND so you can technically say that is mine and I have right to shere that pictures this what you post and it’s not 1st time is FIFA GAME!!! And that is forbidden 🚫 on this site... tbh you posted lot pictures what are forbidden here!
  4. Red star pic is not from other sites or from other game mister smart kid.... anyway NEW UPDATE COME THIS WEEK!!! 😜😜😜
  5. Two best on all world is Van Dijk and Koulibaly !!! i love Stefan de Vrij he is great on ball defender!!! now I have one question @Gorse H how come @John Holywell have protection why he post pictures of other games and other sites? Isn’t that forbidden on this forum??? if I am wrong I give my excuse...
  6. Lemmy

    Add these Players!

    Yes you are right but in that time he have Serbian warrior Bratislav Bane Ivanović on RB so he most play LB long time anyway he is really good defender and can play wher ever you want but he don’t deserve slide boost tbh....
  7. Peréz is now bro!!! and when was Franco they even beat my big rivals Partizan in final of CL ‘66 he was so hard look on net you don’t gonna bealeve what he do... he is like our old president of Yugoslavia Tito you know that in old time players from Yugoslavia can’t go to play outside of Yugoslavia before they make 27 years 😲! And in that time we have regular army and if good players go in army they played for Partizan ( becose Partizan was army club same like CSKA MOSKVA ) and bealeve or not in that time army was 3 years WoW!!! Imagine that you have baby home and when you come from army it’s kid 😂 I don’t do army 3 years only 1 year Tnx god !!! how is in England about army ? Are you most go ther ? Or is something like civil works in that period...? ( now in Serbia is 6 months army only 😔 and everyone most go )
  8. I like that 😂 if I born in London I probably support Millwall ahahahah 😂 I don’t like Fulham anymore 😂 they sacked Slaviša but look like I gonna love NF really soon if they bring him 😂 ( I like Jokanović even he is a legend of Partizan only one club I hate on all world 😂)
  9. Ha they are not the best team in history bro 100%!!! We have Franco era and now we have Perez era 😂 😂 😂 i don’t understand how he have this big influence on FIFA tbh 🤷‍♂️ Look like they own him something 😂 like Florentino is money-shark 😜🤣🤣🤣
  10. Ok 👍 wher you from? If you are not France? And you support Barca because your grandfather is Catalan... OK! That is good but I don’t support any other club on all world then Red Star I hope you understand me... I also have some clubs who I like in other country but I don’t support them tbh I don’t give care how they play or what they ultras do I have only one love that is Crvena Zvezda no others..... Oh, Mom, Mom, Mom Oh, Mom, Mom, Mom Oh, my mom, I fell in love I saw Red Star I saw Red Star E, Mom, crazy about her
  11. An Ultras has no name, only good friends know him. An Ultras has no face, most of the time a hood is covering his head, a scarf covering his mouth. An Ultras doesn't dress like others and doesn't follow trends and like the latest. When he walks the streets even though he has no supporter logos he is recognizable. An Ultras attacks if attacked, and helps when needed, they don't stop being ultras as soon as they take their scarf off and return home, they battle 7 days a week. An experienced Ultras leads an example to the youth, the youth have respect for the older Ultra. The young ultras are proud while standing next to someone more experienced, they learn from the critics of the older Ultras, they go red when given a handshake from them. When normal people look at an ultra they don't understand him, but he doesn't want to be understood, or explain what he is about. Every ultra is different: there are those who wear supporter logos or club colors and those who have never had those things in their life. There are those who travel only with their group and those who are individuals and are their own group. Ultras are different, but what unites them is their love for their club, their persistence to stay 90 minutes on their feet during the rain or cold, they are united by the warmth from chanting at full voice, united while sleeping in a half-drunk state on a train that is taking them from an away game, united by the convoy through the center of the away teams city, united by one sandwich which is shared amongst four of them after many hours of hunger, united by one shared cigarette, united by one look, by one ideal, by a one and only mentality. All the things which unite us together, at the same time distance us from the rest of the world: from worried parents, from stupefied cousins, from scared school peers or co-workers, and from non-tolerating teachers or boss. Ultras is not vandalism or violence without reason, it is a persistant defence of a way of life, that has now fell in crisis because of social problems, because of stupid televisions, because of discos which attract more and more youth but most of all because of UN-JUSTIFIABLE REPRESSION. (by police and federations) Being an ultra is all this and alot more, emotions and passion which you cant explain in words to people who dont wish to understand, and who would rather simply turn their heads and continue living behind glass, people who would never have balls to break that peice of glass and enter our world!
  12. Maybe I am stupid maybe I am old 🤷‍♂️ But on one side is @John Holywell who is English man and support Chelsea and Real Madrid on other side we have indian-France man @Arnav Bhattwho support Barcelona... i speek for me i am not kid and I don’t understand how you can support club who is out of your country technically you even not come on game to see that club... I am Red Star ULTRAS my blood is red and white this is come when I am born my dad mam my all family is RED WHITE!!! how I can support Millwall? I never gonna have passion like guys from London I probably never gonna come on new dean to look team how play... i simply cannot understand you two about this...
  13. You guys don’t know what you speak the best in game is KING and only 👑 😂 😂 😂 the best two for me are @Bazza1967 and @LUCA™️ then go @Pepsi @Wes @Gorse H And @SİPAHİ he was and stay top on all updates and how to forget @Stoller and his 1-2-1 or you all forget @TomFlight season for 10k or @Karpis2001 9k season they was unbeaten then !!! or what is for old top guys who stop to play... ( you even atlest some of you don’t know they names... ) but now for real my hardest opponent was @John Holywell he wins me every where 🤦🏻‍♂️
  14. Lemmy


    I was thinking Denis is Ntenis and I am one of frist who chase him in other leagues because his play system that was really long time ago.... but I meet him he is from Greece 🇬🇷!!! And he is not bad guy I like to play against him sometimes I take him ball or I get ball on start and win him but sometimes he pass me around and I chase him like mad 😂 how I say I like to play agienst him and he is respect player to me that is what I most to say! Also some times he play regularly against me and he get me confused 😂 one more thing @John Holywell if you win my bot then that’s not me 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️ .... 🥶🥶🥶🥶😱🤣😝😂😅 👀 👀 👀 I don’t play like beafor but last players I played agienst was @SİPAHİ and @TomFlight and I lose 😂 good games mates 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 I don’t remember when I get @Gorse H or @Pepsi tbh and I don’t play agienst you @John Holywell I really don’t remember when last time.....
  15. Let the Lord God be with you and keep your family healthy!!!
  16. Lemmy

    Lost account

    Well technically my Xmas is 07.01.2019 And new year is 14.01.2019... so maybe they waite end of my new year 🥶
  17. I wish you all good luck in 2019 to all community and they family!!! love you all !!! P.S. big wish for all : give as new update 😂 😂 😂 Cheeki breeki from Belgrade 🎸🎸🎸✊✊✊🍺🍺🍺🍺
  18. Lemmy

    1 2 miss a few 10

    They say before Christmas 🎄 new update. but they don’t say which Christmas 🤷‍♂️ maybe before mine Christmas 07.01.2019 😂🤣😂
  19. Lemmy

    1 2 miss a few 10

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hahahahaahahahahahahaahah 😭😭😭😭😭😭
  20. Lemmy

    Merry christmas

    HO HO HO!!! Merry Christmas to all in community!!!
  21. Lemmy

    Tournament issues

    😂 you don’t know what you speak anymore 🤦🏻‍♂️
  22. Lemmy

    Tournament issues

    I use all off them !!! Even green ones... and I love Salah but I also like to use Dybala Griz and Payet Firmino Jesus... look like you don’t have experience whit maxed players, you don’t use lot of players and you think that others don’t like them.. you say in one post one or two day old about manager cards.... now you can use different teams.... look John this is not arguing whit you from my side I believe I have more experience then you In this game. Before CARDS if you have team whit Carva Stones maxed you can play great no meter if opponent have all maxed purple players really that is true you have 7x to use boost opponent 3x and ST Ninja and Payet fantastic team bro! about blue you can make many good teams Pepe, Alves, Kante and Casemiro brutal players!!! now if I play all green team ( I play )if I get someone whit CARDS he simply go tru my players and give goal I cannot take ball back ( if I slide ball still stays in opponent feat ) So how that’s can be FUN??? and reading your comment then on that subject and now about Salah I don’t know are you trying to provoke other people or you simply don’t have experience in game and players (cards) what someone can do and what other cannot do.... you speek lot about this but you still don’t know that attribute are not all in this game... for exempel Kante pace 80 and he is one of most speed players in all game...
  23. Lemmy

    Tournament issues

    John look bro this is not true what you say Salah is really great on game to use ! ( I don’t want to explain you what he have good and make difference) I use all of ST and I have them all maxed... to say Mbappe is better 🤦🏻‍♂️ In game, you clearly don’t know what you speak...
  24. Lemmy


    Noup 🤷‍♂️ MANAGER CARDS and SUPER BOTS killed the game !!! not players from Outlaws and Solidarity!!! i speak of this subject before when this cards come in whit update, that this gonna be bad for game players gonna left... that is what’s happening.... ( not only top players left lot other players are left game 😔) look 👀 better in other leagues then you can see look league on 49 and 50 place on leaderboard sad bro sad🥺 somthing most change or bring bring back somthing old what is good... i personally don’t bealeve new players ( cards ) gonna change things to good...
  25. You are not right tbh the best from Turkey is Hakan Şükür ! But right guy to answer on this question is @SİPAHİ