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  1. Hopefully. I'll try sending them in game msgs daily.
  2. Why shouldn't they reimburse the coins. It was not my fault but a fault from their side. They should remove the tournaments feature if its too buggy and they are unable to remove those bugs.
  3. I also agree that the tournaments should be divided on the basis of arena level. When I get to play a tournament( half the time it gets stuck in between), I usually end up losing to a guy from arena 9 and I am in arena 3.
  4. I have lost over 50 coins due to several bugs in tournaments. Half the time I am unable to play them because either the game gets stuck on loading screen or doesn't load the game at all. It is very frustrating. The in game feature for reporting also doesn't seem yo work. I had requested to recover my lost account but its been a week and there is no reply.
  5. I am new to this game. Just over a week. I am manager level 4 with 600-750 trophies. I am looking for an active league,I can score most probably 100+ goals weekly in league pack.
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